Shoreline Dreams

It’s getting to be that time of year, again.

I don’t really remember where the dream started out. The first thing I remember was walking through the *entire* grocery store for food, only to discover that all I had in my basket was bread. Loaves and loaves of bread. That was pretty strange, so I went back and put some bread away. I walked through again intending to get some real food, but everything I put into the basket (surprise surprise) turned into more bread!!


Somehow I managed to escape the endless cycle of baguettes and rustic italian, only to find myself on the familiar shores of Lake Superior. This is a good change, right?

It’s been a while. It was a warm day, and although the water was low swimming seemed like an excellent idea.

(Just to set the stage…Lake Superior is currently resting at about two feet below the average water level. It is near a record low, as Moom has stated. I do not know that much about it, but I am concerned about the reasons for why the water is so low this year, and the possible environmental issues that may result from this change. Our little ponds haven’t run for years, but two feel below average? Something is up.)


I walked out into the water, when suddenly, I just knew that there was a problem. An urgent one. Was it the water level? Was it global warming? Was it a conspiracy? Sea water was coming into Lake Superior, rather quickly, and no one had noticed it until now. So maybe that’s why there was aĆ¢ā‚¬ā€œ


Little Mouse and cousins RUN for the shore, but this time it’s not a wave that’s chasing us. A big black shark was patrolling the shallow shoreline. I don’t know how it could fit under the water, which was very shallow after the recent seiche. Maybe he was a hollogram shark? Hmm.

It was a terrifying day at the beach. Everyone tried to think of how to get rid of him. Alfie thought he could do it, but being the size of my head he almost got eaten!! Suddenly a great sand-coloured streak came tearing down through the trees and into the water. Sam (dog, not archaeologist ;D ) tore the shark apart. Maybe Sharky really was a hollogram, because he couldn’t get his great teeth around Sam. (Or maybe he was the shark kite I had when I was little?)

Well, after Sharky was obliterated, we all scurried up to the cabin. The dream ended when it was starting to get dark, and all of us were in Kathakali makeup.

Alright beach bums, interpret THAT one!!

7 Responses to “Shoreline Dreams”

  1. Liz Says:

    My dad says if a shark attacks you, you should punch it in the nose. šŸ˜€

  2. kayak woman Says:

    hahahaha!!!! Actually, the streams are running this year. The swamp looks kind of dry to me but that may also be because it’s so early that the underbrush hasn’t grown up yet. I realized this morning that I have never really spent *any* time at the beach at this time of year before. There are flowering trees that I’ve never seen before.

    And I think that shark kite is still around! I should think of something creative to do with that.

    Love, Moominmama.

  3. pengie Says:

    it’s true… if you touch a shark on the underside of their nose, i know great whites for sure, it messes up their electro-signal-o-matic-whatever stuff, and temporarily stuns them! if only it would work for orcas…

  4. Lairi Says:

    Yeah, he said that shark thing on Man vs. Wild, remember???? When he was completely stranded and alone in the middle of the ocean, and somehow they got it all on tape???

  5. kayak woman Says:

    Kathakali makeup?

  6. jane Says:

    I saw something on tv with small sharks (still to be tried on large sharks) where they turn the shark over and they sort of fall asleep. Another defensive technique I remember from my post-Jaws shark obsession is that punching them in the eyes is also very effecive in having them let go.

    but back to your dream… I’m sure the shark means something, but have no clue. (very helpful Jane!!!)

  7. Dog Momster Says:

    again, I still remember Jim and his “Freshwater Shark” persona….

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