I am excitedly waiting until Ravelry opens up to the general public!! I signed up for the waiting list a few days ago, but I have no idea how long it will be until they work out the kinks and let us all in. I can only imagine how overwhelmed they must be with all knitters out there.

(Amanda–Go look at the About Ravelry site. You’ll think it’s adorable.)


The Sneak’s socks, sent out on Tuesday. I made them with a shorter cuff, and a little bit of feather and fan at the very top to help keep them up. I guess she’ll let me know how that works out. =D (She got them. I’ve been sitting on this entry for days, and I’m really not sure why.)
At the moment, there is nothing that could make me more jealous than this. Why do I have to stay in school until June? Whhyy? I would much rather be in the Great White North. So, there. I can’t believe how far out the water is this year. Usually most of that is under water.

I know that I’ll manage to get up there for a few weeks. I always do, but every year I end up spending less time there and it gets harder to feel like it’s enough.

Thanks for the comments about Africa–usually when people say something about it in a negative way, I respond by saying “yeah isn’t that exciting?” and proceed to talk about how great it’s going to be. Everything cancels out in the end, right?

Last Wednesday night, I finally finished the Wing of the M~th shawl!!


As you can probably tell, I have not had the time to block it yet. Once I do, the top edge will be straight and the whole thing will open up more.


I knit the last four rows during the performance I saw Wednesday night, then finished the bind off in the library. It was a fun pattern to knit, although it always takes some momentum through the last section once you get to a certain number of stitches per row.
I’ll let you know what else I’ve been working on soon.

One more thing for today. Emma* has tagged me in a même! The idea is to give seven random facts about yourself, then to tag seven others to do the same. I am not going to tag anyone in particular; if you are reading this and you have a blog, consider yourself tagged!! (There are only about five of you anyway, right?)

Okay, here it goes:

Thing One: I love crystallized ginger. I think I got it from my grandmother. I like ginger in other dishes as well, but I usually stumble across it by chance so I can’t say what. The other strange one is vinegar.

Thing Two: I chose my name at the age of one-and-a-half. It is my name to family, friends, employers, professors, and anyone else you can list. Some people think that is strange, and even go so far as to tell me that I should not use it. I reserve the right to refer to anyone who’s got a problem with my chosen name as “Tallulah”. To their faces. In public. Thank you.

Thing Three: I prefer Indian food to everything else. Channa masala, samosas, naan, vegetable kurma…*modestly wipes up a drool spot*. I wish that Kalamazoo had affordable Indian restaurants.

Thing Four: Ebony is my favorite needle material. I like my Addi Turbo circulars and my all-purpose bamboo sock DPNs, but give me a set of five size one ebony double-points and I’ll be happy forever. It’s all about the texture.

Thing Five: I knit while I walk, in the dark, lying down, while I read (I hold the book open with my feet), in class, and while I watch movies. I’m sure I’m missing *something*.

Thing Six: I spend more time in the coffee shop than I do in my dorm.

Thing Seven: I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life, and no intentions of figuring it out yet.

Tadaa!! Passez un bon week-end. Au revoir!

*I just realized that I’d tagged Emma as “Sue”!!  Sorry Emma!!

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  1. Amanda Says:

    yeah. it’s true. that dog is adorable and totally ridiculous. and now it’s time for bed cause i have work at 8:30. blah

  2. Dogmom Says:

    You mean you don’t type with your toes so you can knit while you blog???

  3. mouse Says:

    maybe that’s why i post so infrequently…

  4. lizard Says:

    I love your shawl. It’s beautiful!

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