We all know how I feel about eighth week, so I won’t even bother to say it.

I just thought I’d pass on a link sent to me by my father a while back. It’s an amusing little progression, although I can’t help feeling sorry for the poor little mouse.


Just what you wanted, another giant yellow blob sprawling next to a duck. I have eight edging rows left, so hopefully I’ll finish soon. They’re really long rows, though so don’t hold your breath with my current workload.

Moom asked an excellent question the other day…

“What’s the tilde for? M~th.”

It’s…uh…well…it’s a precaution. It’s something I’ve stolen from Elizabeth Zimmerman, after my m~th scare last summer. Once you smash enough m~ths, you start to get really nervous about the health of the stash. (You really should have seen the freezer last summer.)

I do try to keep everything protected in plastic bags, but sometimes I get a little lazy and just toss things into the basket. It’s going to be no one’s fault but my own when I *do* get an infestation of some kind.

I was in Ann Arbor last weekend, hanging around the theatre. My old Young Actor’s Guild was performing Hamlet, and I came home to see it.

It’s always nice to go back and see all the people involved. I never really did get to watch the show, but what I saw was excellent. I could definitely see and hear tons of improvement in everyone’s work, and I wish I could have hung around more seriously. I got to see everyone for a few minutes, and that’s what really counts in the end.


One of four gifts that I undeservingly received this weekend. This one is from Kati. Unfortunately, the other three are in Ann Arbor and I can’t show them to you. It didn’t seem like good sense to bring them back. I can’t tempt myself, and I can’t stuff anything else into this disaster area!! Just know, people who gave me things, that I appreciate it!!

One thing that I never anticipated but have started to notice is the obvious cultural fear that people express when I tell them I am going to Africa. At this point, I’ve realized that it’s an opportunity I perhaps have even come to take for granted.

How often do you have the chance to pick up your life (and, unfortunately, not much stash…), and move it to Sénégal for a stretch? I’m going to be living with a family and eating their food. I’ll be taking classes in French, speaking French, and pretty much striving to drop every subconscious American stereotype and prejudice that I have assimilated over the last twenty years.

Knowing this, it still surprised me when people respond with a crazy “why are you going there??”

None of them seem to realize that they are responding this way, and it is not meant to be negative. It’s just interesting.

The other question is “why didn’t you decide to go to London? Isn’t that better for theatre?” It would be amazing to study theatre in London. Amazing. Then again, define theatre and why we choose to do it.

Theatre is a cultural reflection, an embodiment of human psychology, a political statement, a visceral response to something we encounter, a need, whatever you want to say. It’s all about people and commenting on what the world is or can be. They way I see it, I would be making a sorry mistake by passing up an opportunity to study a culture that is vastly different than the one I am used to. Maybe someday I’ll make it to London.

6 Responses to “We all know how I feel about eighth week, so I won’t even bother to say it.”

  1. Sneak Says:

    you’re so smart

  2. kayak woman Says:

    It doesn’t matter where you are going, people will always fret and worry. They did the same thing when Liz went to Spain. And some of the best theatre I’ve ever seen has been in the Westgate Kroger.

  3. Dog Momster Says:

    Heck – we need to do some kind of a Grande Finlayson Boondoggle, and maybe London-Scotland-Ireland might be a *good* Boondoggle for the Fin Clan to collaborate on!! We could be our own tour group – map in hand, rent a van, load it up and wander – with the goal, of course, of catching some Thee-ah-tah in Jolly Ol’ London.

  4. Emma Says:

    I knew a ton of people who went to Senegal for their foreign stidy. And I told them what I am telling you: It’s going to be awesome.

    Also, I tagged you on a meme. Check my blog!

  5. Sneak Says:

    i think my dear aunty has it about straight… can we swing down through spain while we’re at it? i’ll be a great tour guide…

  6. Liz Says:

    I’d been wondering about the tilde, too. Glad to know.

    When I went to Germany for a month summer before last, and to Italy last summer, people got freaked out. My boyfriend’s mom even said she wished I hadn’t told her so she wouldn’t have to worry about me while I was gone. Come up with a standard answer and stick to that, there’s no need to waste too much time defending your decision.

    I didn’t realize you were going to Senegal. I met several Senegalese in Italy this summer and they all said it’s a really beautiful place.

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