The best part of Africa…

Last week was more stressful than most. I had a lot of work to do, not a lot of time during which to complete it, and I was generally sleepy and useless for the majority of the time.


One of my favorite K College occurrences. Ducks on the quad!!
I was getting ready to post Wednesday evening, when I opened my e-mail to find an e-mail from Sam. She sent me an article on the house mouse (which I plan to read this weekend =) ), and asked if I had started receiving my vaccinations for study abroad in Africa.*

It’s a funny story…I had received all six vaccinations on Wednesday morning. Three in each arm. I don’t do very well around needles or blood (or medical things in general), so it was quite the experience. I was doing fairly well through the first three, although I was feeling a little sick.

The fourth shot put me under. I passed out most of the way, then had to lie down on the couch for the rest. I am now resistant to Hep A, Hep B, Typhoid Fever, Yellow Fever, Polio, and the Tdap diseases. Impressive, no?

That also explains why I didn’t post last Wednesday. I was quite woozy and feverish from the vaccinations, on top of which I neglected to nap afterward. I know it’s best to sleep it off a little, but there was so much to do that I didn’t feel that I could take the time. Ironic, really, because I got nothing done. My arms were sore until Monday.


A hilarious birthday present from The Sneak, received yesterday.

The next step of the adventure of last week took place when I stayed up all night on Thursday, trying to finish my work. I watched the sun rise from the Crow’s Nest, came home at 7:40 in the morning for a shower, then left again to try and find something productive to do.

I was pretty loopy, but I passed the quiz I took on Friday with full credit. I must have done something right.

This week has been comparatively tame. I’ve managed a fair amount of knitting, including more on M~th.


I am now about a fifth of the way through the Twin Leaf pattern, at which point I’ll start the edging. I am just about the join the rhird ball of Kidsilk Haze.

My favorite Kalamazoo coffee shop (Rocketstar) is just a short walk away from my dorm. I have revised my walking path to get there a few times, and the latest one takes me by a normal looking house with a slightly surreal occurence that takes place in the lawn.

I have been noticing–and mentally questioning–this for a few weeks now, but they have a plastic kid pool in the front lawn. For these last few weeks it has contained nothing but two brick-sized rocks, partially submerged in murky water.

Yesterday when I walked by I examined it as usual, only to find that there were a bunch of little orange fish swimming around and hiding in the rocks. I stopped and stared for a minute, somewhat dumbstruck (I simply never considered this option) before continuing on my way.) I giggled about it for a while as I drank my coffee and nibbled at a muffin, then forgot about it.

Several hours later I walked back only to find that there was a turtle in there, sitting on a rock and staring at me. (Sound familiar, Sneak?) What on earth? I can’t help but feel that the next time I walk by I’ll be eaten by a crocodile or something equally ridiculous.

My sock progress is slow lately, mainly due to the simplicity of the M~th pattern. It is easy to carry it around with me, and I’ve been quite neglectful. I am still finishing The Sneak’s second bee-stripe sock.


Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, in the bee-stripe colourway.

Once I get these off the needles, I’m going to restart these.


I am using a two at the moment, but I would prefer a denser fabric. Two really match up better with a sport weight sock, in my opinion.

There was a beautiful storm last night at about 3:30 in the morning, and Kalamazoo is quite green today. I am enjoying the existence of my window fan, and I suggest that you do the same!!

Weather permitting, of course…

*Go look at Sam’s Sock Exploit!! I haven’t been reading blogs very regularly in the last month-or-so, so I had completely overlooked it.

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