Wing of the M~th


The M~th shawl has grown. I have one or two more pattern repeats to complete, before the next step of the pattern.

And a close-up:


It is quite an enjoyable knit. The pattern is fairly simple and makes for excellent multi-tasking, yet somehow I am still motivated enough to spend decent quantities of time on it while I have little else to do.

I highly recommend the pattern. So far it seems quite suitable for a beginning to intermediate level.

The only modification I have made to the pattern is that it calls for a size six needle, and I am using a size five. The finished wingspan measurement is listed as 84″ and I am pretty short-side-of-average, so it should end up being just about right. Maybe I’ll even have an extra skein of yarn…


Unrelatedly, I reblocked snowdrop on Saturday. It was, in part, an excuse to use my new blocking wires. It really did need a good wash, though. I’ve been folding it up and wearing it around my neck all winter. I am planning to systematically go through and reblock all my shawls by the end of the quarter.

I intend to do this outside in the sun, where I can lay them out on a blanket and stab my T-pins directly into the ground.

Brilliant, no?

While I was at it, I also blocked this:


Just in time for spring, I have blocked my scarf.  This is so like me.  So much that I almost don’t even recognize it.

Finally, I should contribute pictures from my weekend.  Kalamazoo College has a dance in the spring called Crystal Ball, where the entire (attending) student population cross-dresses.  I don’t go to dances as a general rule, but I figured that I might as well go to this one once.  A lot of girls end up going in their underwear, because somehow they think that counts.  We have waaay more class.


Mouse and Cait.  Pretend that we’re convincing, alright?


Also, Rob and a few others almost didn’t recognize me.  It was grand.

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