I’m twenty.

You’d think I’d stop acting like I’m three…

I spent most of today doing this:



Unfortunately, I do have a minor adjustment to make on the sleevecaps/neckline. It was completely my fault. I did not have the pattern with me. However, it is totally fixable. I also need to wash it and block it, but that is the easy part.

Now, I have some yarn-related things to disclose. Cait made me socks!!


Even though she hates purple. She put herself through two whole purple-infested malabrigo socks, all for me. I am humbled. (I’ll take a close-up of the lovely diagonal-purl lines on the cuffs.)


She is also a very bad person. She bought me yarn. Do you know how guilty I feel when people give me things?? SOCK YARN. That is all I have to say.*

In all fairness, I should rat myself out. I can’t just blame Cait, right?


More yarn. I am planning to use it for the Wing of the Moth shawl, once I get another few projects out of the way. I am too lazy to link to it right now, but if you do a google search you should it. Normally I would not have chosen this color, but I have an unexplained attachment to it. It called to me. It *wanted* to be moth. I don’t argue with yarn-fate.

Thirties pictures soon, along with a funny story (or two) involving my roommate…

*That would mean a lot more to you if you saw my current stash of sock yarn. It’s enough to shame an elephant or three.

5 Responses to “I’m twenty.”

  1. Rachel Says:

    1. I just googled the WotM shawl…beautiful. And it will look all the more beautiful in that yarn; kracksilk in gold? It’s begging to be something that beautiful.
    2. I hate you a little bit for not being alergic to wool…I want the sweater. It is an amazing piece of art and if I could wish for one thing it would be to not be alergic to animal fibers (after world peace, that is. I would wish for world peace first, then no animal fiber alergies).
    3. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!
    4. No, there really isn’t a four, I just wanted to procrastinate my paper some more :)
    5. Oh! here is a four, now five…my tanktop is nearly done and I’m not sure if I should knit to finish it or write my paper that is due at 8:30am. I really am struggling and I realize I am wasting knitting time writing about how much I’m struggling with this but I am also not writing the paper, which I just don’t want to do.
    6. The end.

  2. froooggy Says:

    Happy birthday, Aunt Mouse. GrokgrokgrokGROK!!!

  3. Dana Says:

    Beautiful sweater! Will you be posting the specs on it?

  4. Anne Says:

    Wow. I can’t believe anyone actually knit that sweater. It’s so beautiful.

  5. froooggy Says:

    grok grok! 30s pictures? grok grok!

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