Just some pictures to tide you over.

April’s calendar page looks like this:


April’s mitten (uuh…) looks like this:


I have since started the second one.

As of this morning at 11, I had this much of a pair of socks finished.


I finished the socks around 5, but failed to take a picture.

I am taking a rock climbing PE class, and it is pretty fanastic. Unfortunately, this week’s directing assignment is not so fantastic. It is nearly impossible to find people who are free and can meet me when I am also free. We’re all praying for an extension, although it is extremely unlikely that we’ll get one. I am about to go into another busy weekend of performances, although I have hardly recovered from the first.

More soon!

2 Responses to “April.”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Malabrigo maddness going on out in the west? Seems like it…

  2. Sneak Says:

    i love a mouse!

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