Illegally napping, again!!

I can hardly keep up with anything right now.  Sometimes it’s the workload, and at other times…it’s…well.

I just fell asleep in the library.  I think that really explains it all.  Why clutter up the issue with unnecessary words?  It’s cold out, I am somewhat sleep deprived, and those chairs are warm and squishy.  It’s a crazy life.

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  1. Valdemort Says:


    Today was pretty much non-stop for me; I was jam-packed till almost 11, and I’m still not completely done with my day – still studying/final review for tomorrow’s differential equations exam. O_o

    Jan’s coming up tomorrow, though!!! Unfortunately, though, she’s probably gonna witness my freaking out all over again over scheduling because there were some . . . scheduling . . . changes . . . and it’ll be very hard to do marching band next fall. : (

    Good luck, I’m with you this week!

  2. Jessica Says:


    You don’t know me. After seeing the Yarn Harlot a week or two ago, i have been even more addicted to knitting blogs. I was reading some of your archived files, can you tell me where you found the pattern (maybe you wrote it) for the peacock shawl (July 2006 post)?


    Jessica – ann arbor MI

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