I want yarn.

How many of you say this on a daily basis??

I say it all the time. Yet if you were to walk into my dorm room and look around…you would see how little sense it makes for me to say that. I just want everything.

Sometimes it’s because of a particular project that I want to make, and sometimes it’s because of a particular yarn. It is never the same.

I have been trying to use up my yarn. I keep telling myself that I cannot start something new until I finish something old. No new socks/sock yarn until I finish three old socks/skeins. No new sweaters until…well…we won’t talk about that one.

I honestly have no idea how this happens, but somehow the yarn seems to reach a new level of catastrophe by the day. Sometimes it hits me when I don’t have room to work on my desk anymore, or when I trip over a stray portion on my out of the room, or when I open a drawer to put away clean laundry and find that it is already overflowing with…you guessed it. Yarn.

The famous example is this:


It’s fair, right? It is a surface, it is infrequently used (in relation to…say..my bed, desk, sink, or chair). It keeps it off the floor, and it looks tidier than the alternative.


The desk. To be fair, This is only a small portion of the desk and I have already moved some of the yarn off.

So why, why am I compelled to do this sort of damage?


In all honesty, it happened the other week when we had to leave the Yarn Harlot event. Two skeins. That is also where the amber-y sock color was obtained.

The point is, I always want more yet I never manage to use what I’ve got.

*What comes next is also part of the inevitable. Just when I thought I was done, Rob showed up with this:


“Mooouse, finish my mitten!!”

I am such a pushover.

4 Responses to “I want yarn.”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    30s pics!!!

  2. Rachel Says:

    oh yarn…
    I somehow managed to pull out the credit card before 10am on monday and today I have yarn AND needles. Granted, I own no sock yarn and I HATE wood needles below about a 5, I feel like I’m going to break them (the new needles are the knitpicks ones…), but still.

    It’s ok, the wool loving (or not so loving, but fiber loving) community understands.

  3. Sneak Says:


  4. Pooh Says:

    Hmm… Mark and I rode our bikes to the Earth Day Festival in Forest Park and I came home with a skein of hemp yarn in my jersey pocket. I hope it didn’t get too sweaty. But it was 50% off!

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