‘Autorama’ my foot.

Have you ever presented your entire life story in five minutes? Five minutes to tell your life story theatrically, through important (and extremely personal) events. Oh, and through the use of a specific and related metaphor…

That was my first directing assignment, due today. It was assigned Monday. I didn’t really feel like I had enough time to put into it, as I still had to finish the work for my other classes and go to rehearsals.

It was terrifying, and I’m not really sure whether I loved it or hated it.

I used…uh…well…isn’t it obvious?? A pile of knitting projects. I started out by flying onstage with them in my arms, throwing myself to the ground, and scattering them everywhere. This was a pretty incredible birth, but can anyone tell me what I was missing?

Oh right, ARMS. When you use your arms to throw things, you no longer have them to break your fall. That wasn’t *really* a problem, I realized mid-tumble (I didn’t have a good place to rehearse the fall in advance), but I have to say I was a little unprepared for the sliding that followed. Instead of traveling…oh…a foot on my stomach? I traveled for about seven (or maybe four) before coming to rest in the middle of my scattering of objects.

I wasn’t hurt at all and I know how to fall, but I must say it was quite the experience. What failed? Say it with me:

“Common sense”.

It was pretty hilarious from my standpoint, and I can only hope that my audience agreed.

I’m not going to explain the rest of my life story, but it was quite a trip to see what everyone came up with.


By the way, the sweater picture in the last post is the finished body. The vertical stripes on the sides of the arms (they’re not that visible) are the armhole steeks. The neckhole steeks are already encased in the neck edging.

I have only done four rows on the sleeve since Monday afternoon. Things are obviously slowing down again…


Hopefully I’ll have some more sock knitting time soon.  That would be nice.  I want to send these off to The Sneak!

Oh, yes.  One other thing.  It’s my night off rehearsal downtown, right?  Yes.  I spent it auditioning for The Madwoman of Chaillot. I have a million reherasal conflicts, but hey…it can’t hurt…right?

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  1. froooggy Says:

    grok grok! Didya use yer Squeeky? grok grok

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