Mouse, Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Ocean, Mouse.


It was pretty. (Let’s not even talk about the weirdness of my hair in this picture. Or face, for that matter. Or sunglasses…etc…)


Really pretty.


Really really.


Do you believe me yet?


Oh, yeah. The Sneak’s sock got to meet it too.


Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Bee Stripe. I may have already mentioned that, but I am currently feeling too lazy to go back and check.

I really only took pictures of the ocean, but I’m sure I’ll be back sometime. I spent the week wandering Berkeley and San Francisco with Sneak, Jess, their friends, or sometimes by myself. I knit a lot of scarf on the BART:


You’ve already seen it, although the colors are a bit closer here. It’s grown a bit, but not too much.


This yarn came from the Berkeley yarn store, called Stash. It is hand dyed for their store. This one is in the colourway Lancaster Autumn. Technically it is sock yarn, but I have some other ideas about what to do with it. I’ll have to think for a while.


And *coughcough* speaking of the sweater…halfway through the armholes, or somewhat close to that point. I won’t be able to knit the sleeves by this weekend like I was hoping, but I’m sure I can finish the body. Notice the lovely steek stitches on the side…

5 Responses to “Mouse, Pacific Ocean.”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    That first picture startled me into a double-take. I tried to make that be *our* beach for just a split second. Altered in true shoreline dream style.

  2. Dog Momster Says:

    I was just going to make the same observation about that first photo – but KW beat me to it!! O_O

  3. xpwrhouse Says:

    Ya know, in the pic’s we don’t see round island out there beyound the beach. Maybe it’s the camera angle :-). Is it true that fresh water beach fires are better than ‘sault’ water one’s? :-). Some friends of ours and their daughter joined us on one of ’em, last summer. :-) We chatted with ’em from the planet and got your site.

  4. xpwrhouse Says:

    Ya know, it dosn’t look like we can see round island out there past the beach. Is it true that fresh water beach fires are better then ‘sault’ water ones? :-) We had one of those beach fires with some friends and their daurghter last summer. We were talking to those friends at the planet and got your site.

  5. pengooyoo janettooooo Says:

    i triple that. mum showed me the picture, and my first response was “it looks a lot like the cabin”!!

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