*sizzle sizzle*

*Mouse contemplates her left arm in a rather sleepy and uncomprehending manner*

“Holy god, what is that?” Could it be? Nooo…the…sun??

I am sitting in Rocketstar, pretending to do my work. I swear on my honor as a man that I am not working on my Venezia Pullover. Really.

I’m not sure if it’s the sun, the music, sleep quantities, knitting, or if it’s just me, but today is a very good day. Usually I despise Sundays, but at the moment it seems irrelevent. Why discriminate against March 4, 2007 on the generalized basis of my habitual hatred of Sundays as an institution. *Mock sternness* Seriously.

And really, what is it about Sundays? I know that I’m not alone in this. Is it just the upset-stomach feeling of Monday’s unstealthy approach? We all know that Mondays utterly suck. I mean, how could Mondays possibly be good when all the Indian restaurants close on Mondays. “Sunday” must be a lead-in to the increasingly unpopular institution of “Monday”.

Whatever the case, this Sunday is different. There is an exception to every rule, and I am willing to accept today as a fantastic anomaly.

I have made the executive decision to overlook the knitting for a while. If I don’t just let it happen, I really won’t start my work. If I’m not working anyway, I might as well be doing something useful.

It gets so hard to be productive once it gets to the end of the quarter. I can spend four hours staring at a book and imagining my progress, while failing to notice that I don’t remember a word I read. Useful in terms of looking busy, but unuseful in terms of my homework.

Anyone want to write a 6-8 page paper for me by next Monday? I promise you’ll only have to read a few thousand pages in preparation…

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