Feeed Meee

Alligators bellow in response to a B-flat pitch??

This is incredible.  I am going to go get my flute, build up a collection of alligators, and start a chorus.  You’re all invited.

I’m in the theatre right now with a headache, hunger, and a pronounced lack of focus.  I skipped brunch to clean a fish tank before the tech run.  (I’ll try to post knitting pictures in a few hours, once I’m out of this mess.)

Everyone is gone for the weekend, I have no car, and I *crave Indian food*.

Feed me?

5 Responses to “Feeed Meee”

  1. your mousey Says:

    Fish tank?

  2. amanda Says:

    i want indian food too!!!! i would feed you if i had a car, but alas… good luck with tech! ours for fiddler is going to be spread out over 2 nights. next saturday night is going to suck. but i love you and muah!

  3. Lairi Says:

    Aw Mouse thanks so much for cleaning Maximus and Commodus’ tank! I’m sorry that you missed brunch to do so. :( Seeee you tomorrow!

  4. Dog Momster Says:

    oh, man. you need a frig and nuke-ro-wave (or, do you already have those??)!!! Even if it means warmed-over Stouffer’s mac-and-cheeses….

  5. Valdemort Says:

    *stuffs bowlful of strawberries in cousin’s mouth*

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