Knitting Blogs?

This is so exciting!! I can now be really really creepy and follow Amanda *and* Rachel. Even though I can’t see them. D=

While I’m at it, I ought to admit something to you:


I started Kelsey’s handwarmers last night. They are repayment for the octopus (desktopus) that she crocheted for me. I don’t think I’ve shown a photo of it/him yet, but next time I take photos I’ll try to remember. (I’m actually almost finished with the first handwarmer, but I’m too lazy to take a new picture.)

I don’t feel too guilty though, because they are a fairly fast project. The yarn is Elsebeth Lavold Angora, with a fiber content of 60% angora, 20% wool, and 20% polyamide as a binder.

The cables are slightly more defined than the picture shows. The pattern is my own. I must confess to my rather unhealthy obsession for them, and my crazed intentions of knitting…oh…seventy more? Pairs?

*cough, cough*.

Sixth week is simply a tragic situation all around. Having Monday off was a godsend, but I still have a french midterm and a paper due for women’s studies, both on Friday. The weekend will be spent on the same paper as last weekend was spent on, as my final draft is due next week. Etc.. Tomorrow I have a production meeting and french lab, but the rest of the day can be spent on an emergency yarn trip to get more yarn for Kelsey’s handwarmers my work.

I have also been past the heel on this sock for a few days, but have failed to post about them. I apologize for the crappiness of the photo.


I can’t wait to finish them, because I have seventy thousand other socks that I Must Knit Now.

Oh, and by the way, rehearsals are going well. I know I haven’t said a lot about it, but I am enjoying myself immensely. (Family, that is mostly for you.)

Sleep?? Yeah, right.

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  1. Rachel Says:

    PRETTY SOCKS!! It seems that Amanda is knitting something quite similar :)
    Also, when you get a chance you should watch the music video for O! Valencia by The Decemberists. It’s on MTV videos and Yahoo Videos, it’s so sad!!
    Horray for yarn and weblogs!

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