When in doubt, list things.

That’ll get me through the next three years of my life, right??

1) I have a funny story or three. I keep talking about them and not telling them. There are reasons for why, called the rest of this list.

2) I have a ten page paper to write for Monday. My professor gave me good comments on my outline (the tragedy of last week). I have the feeling that he only gives the good comments, but he also wrote that it was strong. I have since found additional, more specific research.

2.5) Naturally, having sufficient research and support for my thesis does not make me feel ready to write the paper. I’ll probably spend a few days staring a clean white page and practicing breathing exercises (in a desperate attempt to quell the rising waves of doom and terror), then stay up all weekend drinking sickening quantities of lukewarm tea and frantically abusing my keyboard.

3) I have rehearsals on Monday and Wednesday nights. I am enjoying myself, as usual. There are a few elements of the process that terrify me, but I’m getting over it. It is a much smaller time committment than usual, but it still has its effects…

3.5) I miss acting. And stressful rehearsal schedules. And people who recognize the importance of humility in theatre.

4) Last night I went to bed at four, because I was up doing work. This was NOT because of procrastination. Cait and I sat in the Crow’s Nest for nearly seven hours doing work.

5) I have dramaturgical research due on Tuesday. This needs to happen NOW, not LATER. I need the weekend for my paper, and Monday is too late to start putting my pieces together. Also, my Women’s Studies midterm paper is due next Friday.

6) I have knitting to show, but I am currently in my (lofted) bed and the camera is lurking below.

7) I remember having 70,000 important things to tell, but now I can’t remember a thing.

13 Responses to “When in doubt, list things.”

  1. Kati Says:

    I have something important to tell. The Librarian of Congress has come out in favor of Finn Family Moomintroll. Don’t believe me? It’s in Time (the magazine, not the, you know, thing). And people say the U.P. isn’t on the front lines of the pop culture. Bah.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Someone was against Finn Family Moomintroll?

  3. kayak woman Says:

    I remember a similar blank paper one awful weekend in about 1998 when we had that awful flu-like virus and couldn’t find the flipper and therefore watched Jumanji about umptynine million times to avoid getting up and walking over to the TV to change the channel.

  4. mouse Says:

    i don’t. what happened??

  5. kayak woman Says:

    Tuesday (before getting sick): you were assigned to write a “paper.” I think it was about 2-3 paragraphs. You had a week. I forget the topic.
    Wednesday (or so): You wrote a “sort of” paragraph.
    Thursday-Friday: You made no progress.
    Saturday: you got the flu-like virus.
    Sunday: *I* got the flu-like virus.
    Monday: you started to recover from the flu-like virus. I was still sick.
    Tuesday: you were well enough to go to school. I was a little better. After almost fainting (from getting overheated in the bathtub), I *dragged* myself out to the back room and realized that the same “sort of” paragraph was still hanging out on the computer screen. No progress had been made in a week. I hit the ceiling. Then I wrote a note to your teacher telling her that we were all sick and you needed another day. *Then* I asked you if you knew *how* to write a paragraph. You answered in the negative. When you came home from school that afternoon, *I* showed you how to write a paragraph. Something the *schools* should be teaching students by 5th grade. *I* remember learning how in grade school.

    I was quite ticked off at the state of education here on the overeducated, overrated Planet Ann Arbor.

  6. mouse Says:

    mother. i told you that i didn’t know how to write a paragraph in the *fifth grade*…and you believed me. i don’t know i could read that much and not understand a paragraph. more than likely i just didn’t want to write the “paper”. typical mouse…

    that’s very funny though, and if i honestly didn’t know how to write a paragraph then i am very very very embarrassed.

  7. Dog Momster Says:

    OK, I don’t have a subscription to “Time Magazine”…who/what/where???? about the Finn Family Moomintroll and the Library of Congress?? Puh-leeze provide details!!

    Yeesh. The last thing I want to deal with are family-pertinent cliff-hangers that we didn’t know about!!

  8. mouse Says:

    i think that “The Librarian of Congress has come out in favor of Finn Family Moomintroll.” just means that said librarian likes the book?? more information, kati-kati!!

  9. kayak woman Says:

    Yes, you were a fantastic reader. The non-paragraph-writing thing could indeed have been any one of three things:

    1) you really didn’t know how to write one
    2) you couldn’t sit still and concentrate long enough to write one (some of your aminals were sometimes of some help with that)
    3) you didn’t want to write the “paper”

    But how would I know? Whenever I tried to ask you about homework issues — unless some teacher was breathing down your neck — I’d get “*you* *keep* yourself *out* of my business!” 😉 😉 😉

  10. Kati Says:

    Yes. They have a little section in Time every week where they ask wordy-type people for their favorite books. This week has the Librarian of Congress, and he listed Finn Family Moomintroll as his favorite kids’ book.

    As far as I know, no one was ever *against* the Moomintrolls. I, personally, don’t know how anyone could be.

  11. kayak woman Says:

    I admit that I don’t think I have actually *read* a Moomintroll book, at least not all the way through. We discovered them well after the kids were independent readers. Although I still used to read to them sometimes, particularly at the breakfast table. That was one of the *good* times about having kids.

    For anyone who actually *reads* these comments, Kati’s mom was one of the most prolific readers on earth *and* one of my favorite people ever. I miss her and email is a lot lonelier without her.

  12. Dog Momster Says:

    Whew!! Glad to hear it’s a book review and NOT a *slam*.

    OMG. There’s actually a *book* called “Finn Family Moomintroll”. **jaw hits floor**

  13. kayak woman Says:

    Wanna borrow the series, Dog Momster?

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