Attention all sock yarn companies: More Yardage

I know that I promised a funny story today, but I still have to write a french essay, a one page response paper, and a lighting/sound narrative. I should definitely have time to post about it tomorrow, though.

I also don’t have time to take pictures, upload them, and process them. If I did, I would show you that I finished one enormous koigu sock as well as the left front of the Equestrian Blazer. I may have bought a button or four while I was at it, but we really really don’t need to talk about that right now.

When I show you the finished sock tomorrow, you can help me mourn the rather skimpy cuff I’ve been forced to end it with. It’ll work out fine, but I think we should petition Koigu to add yardage to the KPPPM. So that we can make enormous size 11 socks and have enough yarn to knit a full-length cuff.

Without having to buy three skeins…

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