What makes it sock yarn?

Sam asked an excellent question that I definitely should have anticipated.

Please excuse stupid basic questions: 1) what makes sock yarn SOCK yarn?; 2) koigu? (obviously not kaogu). Luv.

Sock yarn is….uh..well. Sock yarn is that yarn…oh you know, the one that you use to make socks!! Come on, you know, isn’t it obvious??

Technically, sock yarn is whatever yarn knitters use to make socks. This can range from teeny-tiny fingering weight to extra-chunky slipper sock-type yarn. However, there are also yarns that are specifically designed for sock knitting.

Many of these include some nylon content for durability, but I must confess that my favorites are 100% merino wools and the wool/mohair blends. I am far too lazy to link to anything after the day I’ve had, but if you goolgle google search any of the following terms, you’ll come up with yarns that are specifically intended for sock knitting.

Opal sock yarn

Socks That Rock

Mountain Colors Bearfoot

Brown Sheep Wildefoot

Regia sock yarn

Fleece Artist sock yarn

Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock

Colinette Jitterbug

There are tons of brands and types. The yarns listed are all superwash, although (as always) I recommend washing on the delicate cycle and line/flat drying. Maybe I’ll list some more another day.

As for the second question, Koigu is a fantastic Canadian yarn brand. Simply saying “koigu” is knitter’s slang for “KPPPM”, or “Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino” yarn. There are other Koigu-brand yarns, but truthfully I’m so attached to the KPPPM that I don’t much care.

KPPPM is not specifically designed for sock knitting, but it does make incredible socks!! In fact, it may just be my favorite “sock yarn”. Alongside the Mountain Colors Bearfoot, anyway…

Look in tomorrow for a humorous story (or two)!!

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