Let me just talk about socks for a moment. (Sorry to all the non-knitters). I am fixated on sock yarn. Completely. Sock yarn is the staple of my stashing behavior, and the most useful in terms of actual knitting ease. The small size of the yarn, needles, and projects fit nicely into my hands. Socks are quiet, contained, and generally well-behaved. They are easy to carry around, and are still amusing with little to no patterning.


I know how often I proclaim my complete and undying love for socks. (Emily is ruffling her feathers sarcastically in the background). At least twice weekly, right?

Well, I take sock knitting for granted. As staple projects, they are the one thing I take everywhere. They are part of my identity, and I scarcely give them a thought anymore. Sometimes I get sick of them, but the next time I have to watch a movie for class or ride somewhere in the dark I search for the nearest sock project. Nothing else is small enough to be portable? Sock! I’m sick of my current project? Sock! Bad day? Sock!

I was feeling slighty unimpressed with sock knitting Sunday morning. Underwhelmed, if you will. I skulked around trying to figure out how to carry all my books to rocketstar without destroying my shoulders and back, and haphazardly tossed some koigu into my bag along with everything else. I also brought the Venezia Pullover, but as I can’t look at a chart while reading that amounted to…oh…two rows. Anyway, fair isle requires frequent checks to make sure it’s on track.

All it took was to cast on for the sock. Magic! Tadaa!! The sock love is back.

(Never underestimate the powers of koigu, my friends.)

Now all I have to do is reconcile for myself the fact that these socks are Not For Me.  Really.  Constant reminders that these socks, sized to fit size 11 male feet, would never ever fit my rather modest size 7 female feet are much appreciated…

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  1. Sam Says:

    Please excuse stupid basic questions: 1) what makes sock yarn SOCK yarn?; 2) koigu? (obviously not kaogu). Luv.

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