As of yesterday, my study abroad application is done. Finished, completed, out of the way, and most importantly TURNED IN. That’s it.

Now I wait for an undetermined length of time, until they let me know whether or not I’m well-behaved enough to go to Sénégal with the other Zoo aminals.*

(Oink oink TRUMPET….)

There has been very little knitting progress in the past few days. Oh, a row or two here and there on the socks, but nothing significan’t significant. It’s funny though. Today I have found myself in this extremely odd state in which I have very little work to do. I have a Kabuki play to read for Friday, and some French to study. Everything else is long-term or not assigned yet, so the best I can do is work on preliminary research.

With that said, I was completely a College Student after class today. By which I mean that I lazed about for an hour, crawled into bed a little before five with a crossword puzzle, and ceased to display any vital signs until 7 pm when my alarm went off. (Yes, I anticipated this.) The worst part? I stayed in bed in a state of drowsy half-consciousness until 7:45.

Lazylazylazylazy. And headache. And now I’m going to knit until I fall asleep. I’ll post about it tomorrow!!

* aMiNals.  Not aNiMals, thank you.

4 Responses to “Africaaaaaaa”

  1. Valdemort Says:

    Haha, it’s only the second week of classes and I’ve definitely been doing that at every chance.

    Math can wait . . . I have time tomorrow . . . : D

    (But I have to have at least 2/3 of it done before I go to Cincinnati or else I’ll probably have to stay up much later than I want to Sunday or Monday night.)

  2. Dog Momster Says:

    …and to *where* does that stray asterisk lead?

  3. froooggy Says:

    Grok grok. Yeah, me ‘n’ Clammy wer wonderin’ abou’ that ol’ asty-risk too. Grok grok.

  4. Valdemort Says:


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