The Victim of Tragic Circumstances


I have absolutely no bloody self control!! I mean, honestly. Did I not make it very clear that I was intending to *finish* things before starting *new* things??

Please don’t think any worse of me. I’m trying so hard. Aaaand…now let me explain to you the why this is Not My Fault. (This time…)

As I held very strongly to my resolution of Finishing Things for the first days of a new quarter, I rejoiced in my unfathomable mistake clever decision not to change the shipping address on my xmas yarn. There I was, finishing socks and feeling a great sense of hopefulness for my lovely Equestrian Blazer in progress when…

A package slip. A package slip! I wonder what could be in the mail?? It was with overwhelming and secretive delight a growing sense of horror and trepidation that I received an innocent looking little box with the return address of Two Swans Yarn. This could only mean one thing.

Success!! The last time I ordered from this company, I was shipping my purchase to school.

I was so well behaved! For days, I scarcely even looked in the direction of that yarn box. No way (José) was I falling for that trick. It hid under my desk, then under some other things, and Emily told me that if I so much as even looked in that direction she was going to permanently cut off my supply.*

What happened next is not for the faint of heart.

As I pulled out my brand new 2.75 mm 24″ circular for a loose inspection, you know, just so I knew it would be ready in a month or so when I was maybe ready to start a new project, I thought I felt a little tickle at my ankle. I looked down to investigate, but I couldn’t see anything. I stopped…listened…


I continued my inspection, and…there it was again!! This time somewhere around my knee. This time I set down the needle, and looked right under my chair. Was that a flash of motion?!??! When I still didn’t find anything, I went to pick up the needle again and–

AH!!! FSLkdjsklfj Foiled again! The yarn was *casting itself onto the needle*. I hurriedly picked it up, intending to stop it. It was going so quickly that my hands could barely keep up, but my knitting muscles are strong. I had faith. I managed to fight it enough to slow down the process a bit, but some forces in this world are simply too great. Even for me.

Alas, do not judge me, weak and mortal as I may be!

At least I also have this to show you.


A crappy sleeve-age picture. As lovely as I find the Donegal Tweed to be, it is coarse. I am knitting it on a size 5 needle. It is hard for me to work on it for extended periods of time, as the tight gauge makes my hands hurt. Also, I’d like to point out that sleeves can be Very Boring. Slow and steady, that’s the key.

Actually, the key is to finish my essays so that I can go to Africa next year…  *TypeTypeTypeTypeTypeType…*

* In case you were wondering, she can bite more painfully than I can. It’s no secret who’s in charge in this relationship…

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  1. Pooh Says:


    I sympathize with your aching hands. As you know, I knit a lot (for me) at Xmas in Michigan. Mark drove home, and I was knitting. He kept driving, and I kept knitting. Someplace in Illinois, I had to stop. There was still at least an hour of daylight left, but I had to stop. It hurt. It hurt the next day too. I bought a pair of “Thergonomic Hand-Aids” from the local Ben Franklin store, and wore those for a few days. It did help. I don’t wear them most of the time now, but I have them just in case. And Ben Franklin has yarn, but a lot of it is acrylic, so not quite as tempting. I had Mark sitting out in the car to keep me in line, but you’ll have to find your own strength.

    Project update:
    I finished the red scarf at 6 feet, plus fringe. Two skeins of the Lamb’s Pride Bulky, minus what’s in the toe of the class sock.
    I knit Dave another hat. Two strands of worsted weight Peruvian wool, heathered blue w/ a little green. This was the base yarn I used for Jay’s scarf. (Too lazy to look for the label.) I used the “flame” hat pattern in Stitch and Bitch, but used dpn’s instead of knitting it flat. Yeah, no seam! No, he didn’t lose the red and brown one, just wanted a different color.
    Sock number 1 is about halfway or more down the foot. Oh, and a nose cosy, ala Lola. Actually I was swatching the heel turn, before I ripped it back on the sock for the second or third time. I was ending up with 22 stitches not 18. I’ll send a picture some time.

    P.S. I loved the forbidden sample. It’s mosaic (slip-stitch) isn’t it?

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