I am in Ann Arbor for a few days. Most of the Ann Arbor people I know in Kalamazoo were coming home, so why not??

Okay, the truth is that I left all of my French notes at home when I moved back into school for the quarter, and I had no idea where they were. O_o

French notes…found.

Three day weekend…check.

Minimal amounts of homework…check.

Study abroad application…*mouse breaks into hysterics*

Okay, here is another good reason for being home. The school library has very little useful information about Senegal. (Okay, I probably just didn’t look very hard…). Also, because applications are due in three days, there probably aren’t any on the shelves right now.

My fantastic Ann Arbor library should have anything and everything I could possibly need (have faith, little mouse), on top of which I have a $15 library fee from overdue books, and can’t check any out until I pay some of that. I promise that’s a good thing. It mean that I have to actually go and do work while I am there, increasing my likelihood of getting this done today by about…oh…50%.

Alright, so maybe I’m not as far behind as I think I am. I’ve already talked to some people (read: Jess) who went there, and I know what I’m writing my essays about. My application is complete except for the essays. I don’t have class until Wednesday, due to a long weekend and the overwhelming sway of most class-time resting on the early part of the week.  You see, we have no class on Monday (but we do have rehearsal), and my Tuesday lab was cancelled because of the Monday session’s nonexistence.
Three whole days?  That’s more than enough to write my essays, choose a paper topic, and re-learn all the french I’ve forgotten.

Ah, long weekends.

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