Never Again.

Yes. I am talking about the stockings. Apparently I have rather freakish thighs, because the stockings would NOT stay up. I could not walk twenty yarns yards before they pooled unattractively around my knees, ready to drop to the floor. Perhaps they need to rethink their method of construction because oh that’s funny, it doesn’t work.

I have to admit that it’s a rather hilarious image, though…

I wore them in the first place because I hate having non-sandal shoes on without some kind of middle layer/sock. Surprisingly, they weren’t even uncomfortable. Provided that I didn’t move, of course.

By the end of the meal (at which I consumed a rather “unladylike” portion, as us “moving, breathing, active women” so enjoy to do), I simply wished that I could squish all the extra food bulk that had so nicely rounded out my tummy right down into my legs. Instead I removed them and gave them the worst of dirty looks. They looked appropriately rumpled and shamed. Take that, lousy degrading icky stockings!! I don’t need you.

Ironically, if they had been tight enough to stay up, they probably would have itched and cut off my circulation. How did they ever become part of women’s dress?

Whatever the answer, Renee made it all better with this!!


My Christmas present from the Courtois party, delayed when she got stuck in Phoenix. Sorry for the awful quality of hotel-photo. Right.

Who needs to worry about stockings when you are presented with a new tea mug with a little ceramic infuser inset-thing?? The colors are fantastic, and the goat is hilarious. And as though the mug were not enough on its own…



Three varieties of tea. Three of them. A black, a green, and a white. I am so spoiled. Soooooo much.

For the record though, here is my defense against being spoiled and selfish. I dropped this in a rather prompt fashion:


Sleeves that have been neglected since before the holidays…I picked them up during the wedding. =D

And picked up this:

Moom’s Xmas Socks, Part II

In an effort to prove to myself that hey…I’m really not *that* selfish. I doubt that I can finish them before I go back to school, tomorrow, what with all the packing I have left to do, but I can certainly try.

The Sneak’s dress is finished (in a sort of sloppy manner and at the last minute so she could wear it to her new year’s party), but I have failed!! No pictures!! I promise to harass her until she sends me some, and then I’ll post them. The dress is made from the same pattern as mine, except in that blue fabric.

Speaking of which, I lied. I kept talking like the blue was for me but it was hers all along. She’s not the only Sneak-y one around here.

Ah, 2006.

3 Responses to “Never Again.”

  1. frooogy Says:

    Grok grok. Ol’ Baggy has had th’ same kind o’ problem w’ underwear from time t’ time. grok grok.

  2. Lairi Says:

    You left to do laundry like half an hour ago…

  3. Renee Says:

    just checked in with Mouse’s Nest, and i love the teacup pic! i hope it works as it’s supposed to. i think the goat is supposed to be a zodiac sign – a ram or something. i called Liz from the store in San Francisco to find out what your sign was and we gambled that the goat/ram would be right.

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