Ah, hotels.

Pooh had it right. The mess of fabric thrown haphazardly over my ankles in the last post is indeed my dress. Olive china silk. She also had some fantastic suggestions for how to make something fit, which I’ll share for anyone who likes to sew:

1. Breathe deeply, and stretch. (While wearing the dress.) Maybe some of the extra looseness is to let you be a moving, breathing, active woman, not a fainting heroine of old. (I go for easy solutions first.)

2. How many seams and darts are there? Pin out a little bit more material in each, until it fits the way you want it. Restitch.

3. Add some pin tucks or pleats or gathers or beads. On the orange leaf silk, it was so lightweight that trying a zig-zag stitch pulled it up into a pin tuck.

In my case, part of the problem is a fabric that drapes considerably more than the cottons (and similar) they suggest on the pattern. Another part would have to be the fact that I had to fit it to myself. Four inches turned out to be a bit of an overstatement, caused by the awkward position of my shoulderblades while fitting without assistance.


Don’t look at my hem. I’m going to redo it later the proper way, when I’m less sleepy.

As for suggestion one, very funny. =D I approve. Unfotunately, in this case it was a matter of whether or not I would like to be wearing the dress at all. Not quite so easy to fix. D=

I decided to put the bands on at the armhole/neck before I adjusted, which turned out to be a brilliant plan. I found that my seams on the bands and the body were not matching up, although they had been perfectly in line on my sister’s. So, I removed just enough on each side to make them match up. This just happened to put the clip marks on the back section in line with each other as well…

I think there were some minor mistakes in the pattern, but in the end it all looks good. I removed about eight inches from the skirt circumference (again because of the drapey fabric), and about two inches from the body.


Bead made by my cousin Sheila. Now that I have a (sideways) picture, I can see all the fingerprints. Lovely.

And now, to change topics, let me explain to you my hatred of hotels. By explain, I really mean that I’m not going to explain because they’re too depressing to talk about.

I hate them. Hate, hate, hate. There is no air circulation. It is too hot to sleep. I never quite trust the sheets, towels, carpets, etc… Okay, so dorms are kind of the same thing…but at least in the dorms I have my own space and I can open the window. (Roommate!! I hope you don’t hate me!! =D)

One of these days, in about twenty minutes, I’m going to get dressed. I am NOT touching the hair. If I even think about trying in the most remote sense imaginable, I’ll end up looking absolutely and utterly ridiculous. This is the effect of two things combined. Firstly I cannot style hair to save my life, and secondly I cannot pull off any hairstyle that requires a lack of part.

I guess I’m just a regular little chatterbox today. And also too sleepy to edit my chattering…

4 Responses to “Ah, hotels.”

  1. frooogy Says:

    Grok grok. Areya gonna talk abou’ all th’ fun ya had w’ yer stockin’s?

  2. Pooh Says:

    Yeah, MOUSE! The dress looks gorgeous – much better than draped across your ankles. I’m so glad you found a way to make it work.

  3. Dog Momster Says:

    Mouse does NOT take her talents seriously!!! She is *truly* a Textile Goddess!!

    In spite of what she thinks, I thought her hem was perfect (how many store-bought items have I purchased that have all-too-quickly lost their hem stitching?!?!?!?)

  4. frooogy Says:

    grok grok. I want that loverly pitcher you took o’ me. grok grok. You know, th’ one where I was watchin’ someth’n in Ol’ Baggy’s bedroom. grok grok.

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