My cousin Chris is getting married tomorrow. Accordingly, this household has been sent into something of a mild frenzy.

You see, as far as I know, not one of us actually likes to dress up. My father is possibly the only one of us to own proper dress clothes.

After scouring the entire city in search of shoes, we finally found something adequate:


I wanted the brown with bronze stitching, but they did not have them in my size.

Here is why these are so nice:



I cannot wear heeled shoes. I do not like them. They hurt my feet, my legs, and my back. Also, I’m sure that I’d probably fall over if I tried to wear them.

On the topic of my feet, looklooklooklooklook!!


Amanda made me socks for Christmas. =D

And, she brought me this:

Good day.

Let’s just not talk about the mall, the difficulties of women’s underclothing, my hatred of pantyhose, and other such stupidities.

3 Responses to “Shoes?”

  1. Lairi Says:

    I don’t like heels either. I have some dress shoes that have smaller/fatter heels though, so I can actually balance in them! Yay! Also, I hate pantyhose too. I don’t wear them. Ever. Not even if I’m dressing up. Ick.

  2. Dog Momster Says:

    I’m of that generation where pantyhose & tights are a “Necessary Evil”…not only that, but they hide the fact that I can be *very* lazy about shaving my legs…

  3. kayak woman Says:

    What tights *are* good for are as a substitute for long underwear. If you can find some that fit you so that you aren’t constantly tugging at them, etc. DKNY does it for me. I still like to get out of them at the end of the day.

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