Not Funny

One thing that I adore about sewing patterns is the fact that I wear an 8. A solid size 8 based on the measurements they give. Compare this to an approximate 2 in women’s pants and an XS in shirts. Eight sounds like a decent, respectable size.

So then, looking at my dress-in-progress…okay hold on. Let me get this straight. My measurements are exact for the size eight. I cut pieces for the size eight. I have followed all of the size eight instructions.

So why, why is the dress 4 freaking inches too loose around the ribcage??

So not funny.

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  1. Pooh Says:


    I sympathize – it sucks to get to the end and it’s not quite right. I’m sure you’ve already found a solution, but if not, here are a few things that might help. Was it the material draped over your ankles in the first shot of your new dress shoes? Which are great, BTW. I loathe heels too.

    1. Breathe deeply, and stretch. (While wearing the dress.) Maybe some of the extra looseness is to let you be a moving, breathing, active woman, not a fainting heroine of old. (I go for easy solutions first.)

    2. How many seams and darts are there? Pin out a little bit more material in each, until it fits the way you want it. Restitch.

    3. Add some pin tucks or pleats or gathers or beads. On the orange leaf silk, it was so lightweight that trying a zig-zag stitch pulled it up into a pin tuck.

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