Busy, but not a bee.

It might be fun to be a bee, but at least this way I get to play with silk.


I was terribly excited to finish this tonight. To try it on and to dance around and listen to Ani Difranco and Sunny Day Real Estate and finish my xmas knitting. I rushed out to the store at approximately 8 and bought a large quantity (6 yards for various purposes) of interfacing at a 50% discount. The ladies who were working were extremely nice, and I had a sympathetic conversation or two about holiday hours.

I walked out to the car, still smiling, got in, and drove home. It took me to past the halfway point to realize that I still need a zipper. DKSJLFZSKLFJFdnsfkljdskljaljfddlksjdskljsdaLFKJ.


How do you wear one of these things? (Quack quack!!)


Ah, got it, got it. Human hands.

These have been done for two days.  I really wanted to make them with a feather and fan pattern but they would have been too big.  They are still pretty in the stockinette, though.  Because I did not switch needle sizes for the ribbing, they curl a bit at the hand ends and thumbs. I know the person they are for probably does not care, but I think I might take out the ribbing and redo it on a smaller needle. Hello, I think I’ll do that at work.


At work where she buys yarn. (Emily) 

Okay, that was NOT my fault.  It is quite necessary for something.  A very very worthy cause.  (Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Deep Grape).  I promise.  Old friends get presents when they need them.


When will it all end??

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