“Insane laughter in the corner of the class…”

“Share it!”

Once again, an enjoyable comment from my anthropology professor. Actually, my classes were funny today in general. We were talking about proverbs in my religion class today. (Intro to the Old Testament). First some non-biblical embellished “proverbs”:

“Be yourself..would you say that to Al Capone?”

“Early to bed and early to rise, and your girl goes out with other guys”

Then the ones from the bible that we were giggling about. And no, these are probably not word for word, just what I have in my notes.

“the one who troubles his household will inherit the wind”

“a sluggard buries his hand in the dish, and never even brings it back to his mouth.”

(And this one for Moom =D )

“a wife’s quarreling is a continual dripping of rain”


Uh…right. I went to the yarn store today. It’s true. I’m a horrible person. It’s the end of the quarter, I get my paycheck, and what is the first thing that I do? That’s right, unnecessary damage. (Well…the “unnecessary” is debatable. As is “damage”. For me it was totally necessary. Let’s not discuss this.)

Don’t worry, I’m on a strictly lace weight and sock yarn regime. Here are the lace weights.


The green is Fare Baruffa 100% extra fine merino, +/- 1460 yds. The blue is Skacel Merino Lace, 100% fine merino wool, +/- 1375 yds. The green is (as hinted by the “extra”) slightly finer, and a tiny bit softer. This is also demonstrated by the yardage difference, as both are 100 g. I am 90% sure that I am going back for the second skein of green, so that I can make a large shawl with them. It is interesting then that I was careful to hide it in the back of the cube for no apparent reason…I guess my subconscious knows me a little better than I know it.

Oh, go on. I can’t possibly pass up a chance to show a close-up of merino laceweight. And yes, it is very very fine.


Emily is feeling very inquisitive and happy. Here are the sock yarns!


The more colorful one is Fortissima Colori Socka Color, color 06. The darker one is Trekking XXL, color 66. I have heard so much about Trekking, but this is the first time that I have met it in person. Emily approves. Commendable job, Germany!!

Yes, in fact I do have plans for this yarn. Later, I swear. More importantly, I got them from a pretty little shop in Portage (just outside of Kalamazoo) called Stitching Memories. They had quite a decent selection of yarns, and many colors of most. That’s especially good, as summer is not the best time for yarn stalking. It is easier to sneak up on in the winter when the yarn stores are stuffed to the brim with various surprises. I guess I have to admit though, it’s nice in the summer when there is less competition.

Finally, a word on my “yarn diet”. Sock yarns and lace weights are perfect. They are significantly less expensive (for an entire project) than sweater yarns, etc… They do not take up very much space in The Stash. This keeps my spending *and* storage space to a minimum.

I am excited to only have three class sessions left in the quarter!! After that, I have reading to finish and two finals to take, and I’ll be done. It is hard to focus when I know that in eight short days I’ll be back in Ann Arbor.

So many people I know talk incessantly of “escaping” and “going as far away as possible”, but I can’t understand. Despite their constant declarations of “having done everything that there is to do there”, I can never quite believe them. There is always something new to do, and especially after living in Kalamazoo for a year I believe that there are few places in which you could be luckier to live.

At any rate, no complaints here. I am looking forward to being able to walk downtown at night alone and not be terrified that someone is going to mug me or worse. (No Moom, I *do not* walk alone at night here. I don’t even walk alone past The Sneak’s house anymore, even when it is light out. So stop worrying, I can see you and I’m not stupid.)

Time to go read and write. *sigh*. Have a lovely Thursday everyone!!

4 Responses to ““Insane laughter in the corner of the class…””

  1. sammy Says:

    Proverbs are interesting, and informative about culture-specific cognitive codes. We say: a squeaky wheel gets the grease. The Chinese say: the noisy pheasant gets shot.
    Can’t disagree with either one!

  2. Lairi Says:

    Oh, how I love Schmeichel.
    Hey now, you’re supposed to be cutting back on yarn for a car. Silly Mouse.

  3. SNEAK Says:

    The city (or township, or whatever) of Portage was originally conceptualized as a tool of segregation for Kalamazoo. I think the idea went something like: “Don’t want your kids to go to school with kids who aren’t white? Move to Portage!” So Portage is just a gated neighborhood (economically and socially so) of Kalamazoo. Not quite as badly these days I suppose, but in the past.

    And I apologize, I have no sources on that one =)

  4. Momster Says:

    OK, so I *really* like that blue lace-weight skein – is it a dark teal as it appears on my ba-cuter, or something else? Can’t wait to see the project in-progress – to – finished!

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