Isn’t that a good word? I thought so too. Another one is “rapid”. If you want to know though, my overall favorite sentence fragment is “A smattering of crooked ducks”.

Hmm… A smattering of crooked ducks that orate rapid quacks of text.

Eh, I don’t think I’ll ever leave behind the original fragment. Go ahead, say it!

“A smattering of crooked ducks”

No, really. Say it like you mean it. It’s the best feeling. Actually, it’s downright dangerous. You’ll keep saying it until everyone around you wants to kill you.

Or maybe it’s just me.

Another favorite word, strangely, is “linguistics”.

It’s hard for me to say what I really like about words (and linguistics in general). I think it’s mostly the texture of different words, and all the amusing little combinations of sounds. The possibilities are endless, and certainly always amusing. It’s so easy to make a horrible mess with a single innocent substitution.

Who is to say?
The first element of linguistics that I remember liking is that you can take any word and say it once, and it means something. If you take the same word and keep saying it over and over for a minute or two, it loses all sense of meaning. It is just a random string of sounds that we attach to something. Okay, so I’m not entirely sure that falls under the study of linguistics, however that is what I choose to call it until someone comes up with something better and tells me so. =D

That is an idea that first occurred to me in the time of Dark Walk. When I was little, I had trouble calming down and sleeping. Moom would take me outside and walk up and down the sidewalk for a while. We would usually stop at the corner and look at the moon. That is how I learned about the “hazy moon”, which is one of my earlier memories. I think I was old enough to walk on my own when I started playing with words, though. I believe I started with the word “leaf”.
I also enjoy the components of different dialects and accents. I’m not going to say a lot about that because I only know what I hear and analyze on my own. It’s something I would love to take a class about. It’s interesting to listen to what parts of language are stressed through different accents. Some focus on vowels, some on consonants. Some play with both. Some have a verbal focal point far back in the mouth, some far forward, and some actually outside of the mouth entirely.

Dialect refers to word choice, and accent to the stresses, tones, and patterns. And linguistics, from dictionary.com;


n 1: the scientific study of language 2: the humanistic study of language and literature [syn: philology]

Amanda has gone home. But she left me with this!


A wallet for my birthday (in April), from an art school in North Carolina! With a mouse on it! It it absolutely too perfect.

We went to the beach yesterday and got sunburned, and I was too lazy to post. But hey, today you get to hear about my faulty knowledge of linguistics. =D

It has been sooo hot here. The overwhelming oppression of humidity and sweat has turned a group of perfectly attractive girls into a bunch of hooligans.


This is Nikki, Amel, Rosaleigh, Jessie, and my mouse. I was taking the picture. =D You can already see that they are lovely, but just wait. On a cooler day I’ll take a picture of us how we actually look.

I have to go read. And if I don’t post in the next three minutes, it’s going to be May 31st instead of the 30th. With that said, this is my knitting two days ago. I’ve made only a little progress, but have worked on other things.


Tadaa!! I have decided to add some cable sections to the sides, too! More on that later.

To the books!

4 Responses to “Text”

  1. frooogy Says:

    grok grok. why won’t the old bag take ME on a dark walk?

  2. moom Says:

    (Shut up, Frooogy).

    Mouse may have been walking when she started *playing* with words. But her first words, at 9 months, were “Bye bye, Mama,” accompanied with a wave. She didn’t walk until about 13 months. At about 17 months, I heard somebody counting to 10 in the back seat of my Jetta. At first, I thought it was the 3-year-old, so I didn’t pay much attention. Then the rather startling realization hit me that it was coming from the car seat directly behind me, in which I had put the *baby*.

    “Would you please read this book to me?” and “Cookie could I please baby?” soon followed, as did things like, “That is not my name. I am a Mouse.”

    I am glad my babies are grown up now but I do sometimes miss Dark Walk. I wonder what the neighbors would think if I *did* take Frooggy on one. (grook grok)

  3. Nikki Says:

    your new mouse wallet is so pretty.

  4. Nikki Says:

    p.s- Amel’s face makes me smile.

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