Sheep Sleep

It would be so easy to blow off my work right now. Technically I could do nothing else today whatsoever. I could leave all my work for tomorrow and still get it done. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Unfortunately, while it is completely possible–and ridiculously tempting–to leave this all for later, I would kind of like to pass my classes. I would also really enjoy sleeping on Monday night. Looks like I’ll be working after all…

I wish that I could be sitting in Ambrosia in Ann Arbor since I *do* have to work. Sheep!! I am surrounded by heaps and mounds of books and papers and notes and syllabi and empty teacups and half-eaten scones. But no yarn.


I swear. I’m not lying to you.

…Uh…no fiber of any sort…

Get away from that corner…



Okay. You caught me. So this is staring me in the face.

I tried! I tried to distract you with pretty words and work-related things, but this is STARING ME IN THE FACE. I want to start spinning it. Quite badly. Nooooooww!! *Throws a tantrum*


Oh…and some sock yarn. (Anabelle is filling in for Emily for today.) These I cannot start yet. This is beautiful, lovely, gorgeous feel-better yarn.

The SIP** featured in yesterday’s picture set is here too, kicking back next to the computer. But I promise that I have not touched them in an hour or so. Promise!!

I have a lot left to write. My writing/editing powers are shot. Apologies. I hope everyone’s Monday morning is fantastic, because I am taking all the crap for you.


**This is funny.  Really.  I am using “SIP” as an acronym for “Sock In Progress”.  However, at my school, “SIP” stands for “Senior Individualized Project”.  Guess which one I like and which one I don’t…

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