Okay okay pictures!!


Lairi’s socks!! They are made from Fleece Artist sock yarn, and for some reason the skein was quite different form different ends. Just the way the colors blended…but still lovely.


Socks in Schaefer Anne.


A “napkin sketch” from my design project


And finally, a small drawing. Just to be random. That is snow on the branches, by the way. I realize that this is obvious only to me, but I still like it.


Ack! Looks like something else is slipping off the needles while I’m looking the other way…

Emily, explain yourself!!

4 Responses to “Okay okay pictures!!”

  1. frooogy Says:

    grok grok. ‘s’tha’ a small dinosaur up there on th’ branch? c’n me ‘n’ ol’ Smokie have it? grok grok.

  2. Lairi Says:

    My socks are beautiful because I’M WORTH IT. I’m sorry that my feet are enormous.

  3. mouse Says:

    no frog, that is a little birdie, not a small dinosaur. and you can’t have the little birdie unless you can figure out how to be on the same little drawing page.

  4. gg Says:

    I like the Lari socks. I’m not sure everyone would like yarn to change appearance from one end or a skein to the other. Good example!

    Looking forward to seeing you at home!


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