1,750–2,500 words, plus some.

I apologize for my rather sporadic posting schedule and content. I am currently reading my last play of the quarter (Fires in the Mirror by Anna Deavere Smith), revising a paper on Megan Terry and her influence on the women’s theatre movement between 1960 and 1980, and am about to start writing a 7-10 page paper for my classics course. I am hoping to decide on my topic within the next half hour…

I am also working on my final design project, and writing a review of Copenhagen. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m actually enjoying the design project. Even though I had to spend money for my model supplies. Ssshshhhh! It’s a secret!

Although…I’ll admit it. I’m sitting in Rocketstar with Nikki and procrastinating on my work by writing a post. I wish I had my camera so I could show you a picture of Nikki working, because she is lovely and is getting three times as much work done as I am. Seeing as my goal for today is to revise two pages, write three, start my model/finish a drawing, and finish the play, I really ought to be working more intensively.  In fact, Nikki, even though you aren’t going to know about it until later when you read this post, we are officially having a work contest.  I am SO about to be as productive as you are.  I’m going to be so productive that you’re not going to know what hit our little table.  Suddenly I’ll have piles and piles of work and we’ll be even!  What do you say to that, hmm?  HMM??


The problem is not in getting it all done, but in having spinning time left over. Don’t laugh at my priorities! =D
Now I am frustrated.  The fact that my camera is three blocks away and five stories up is also not useful if I want to show you knitting projects. This may require a second post later in the day. I wish that I could knit it into existence, along with my camera cord, and show pictures now. As I can’t, and as pictures are significantly more interesting than my scattered-coffee-writing-mushy-letters-nonsense, come back in the next few hours to see them!!

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  1. Nikki Says:

    *hug* I love you mousey and yes you still were productive. we shall have our productivity competition some other day.

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