Okay, so I much prefer sleep to muffins and/or coffee.

This morning I overheatedly woke up a while before dawn, and could not sleep again until after the sun came up.

I’m blaming the fact that I sat on cold stone for some hours yesterday, and failed to notice that I had frozen myself through until I got up to walk home. Stupid, stupid. On top of being cold, I was quite dehydrated. Feverish sleep??

Anyhow, it accomplished half of something (I’m not quite sure *what* at this point, or where the second half is going) that needs to get done. Yes, that’s all the explanation I am giving. Tough cookies.

I also nearly forgot to go to yoga at 6:30, and managed to fail spectacularly at getting anything done at all. In my defense I went straight from class to the shop to dinner to yoga, but I’m still rather impressed with my lack of productivity.

Obviously I am in a distracted sort of mood. I’m going to go illegally nap stare at a page read Greek tragedy and hope that this uselessness passes soon.

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  1. kayak woman Says:

    Blerg. This is just the mid-term slump. I’m in it too…

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