Waiting for Class??

It’s true.  I feel a little sillly, but we’re getting into the women’s movement in theatre today, and I am so prepared.

Last year I took American Women’s History since 1870 with an incredible professor.  She was so good that with a little reference to wikipedia, I managed (quite quickly) to piece together a cohesive overview of the women’s movement between 1960 and 1980.  See? I’m so ready!

I have a renewed love for both Rita Mae Brown and Susan Brownmiller.  I have names and dates and movements, causes and consciousness raising, I have the obligatory edge of feminist anger coursing gently through my bloodstream!

Okay, now I’m getting sort of silly.  =D  Despite that, my *Friday* class (how is this possible?) really is somehow putting an upward spin
on an otherwise worthless week.  How can time drag on so malignantly?

I’ve been in a strange in-between state with my classes, where I suddenly realize that I do not *have* to do anything else for a day or two.  Sometimes I put off my readings just to have more to do.  (For those of you who do not know me so well, this is what happens when I do not have rehearsal.  I must always be too busy for my own health and hapiness).  Then I end up exhausted, yet I still convince myself that reading in bed will be a good idea.

Enter the term “illegally napping”.  In explanation of that term, I offer a situation: yesterday I crawled into bed with my play, fully convinced that being warm would contribute to my reading ability. Then an hour until, Lairi (blurry roommate) came home.  “Oh Crap!” thought I, as I ungracefully regained consciousness and sat up too quickly, hitting my head on the ceiling.  Then Lairi left…and I illegally napped for another hour.  Resulting from this, I stumbled downstairs to see the girls and ate a peanut butter cookie while attempting to read my play through osmosis.  Oh, darn.  But the play did get read!!
C’est la vie.

6 Responses to “Waiting for Class??”

  1. Sam Says:

    I remember getting through several classes by reading “through osmosis.” (well, and sometimes flat out NOT reading!) It worked extremely poorly for chemistry, though.

  2. froogy Says:

    Th’ ol’ bag is procrasty-natin’ too. Guess I outta go schlurp ‘er. Grok grok.

  3. Dog Momster Says:

    As Sam said. Didn’t work for Organic Chem…and that was the single largest book I’d every seen!!! Woulda thought its weight alone woulda forced some knowledge thru the pores…

  4. Sneak Says:

    mm… i so miss the intellectual readings and snotty discussions of movements… i’m going to be asking you to send me your reading when you’re done with it before you know it. although i suppose i have already taken that class. there was little to no focus on the women’s movements in theatre, however….

  5. Pooh Says:

    Just don’t try the reading by osmosis trick w/ spiral notebooks! It leaves an impression on your face, if not your mind! One who knows…

    And if you pre-screen the National Geographic movie on elephants and illegally nap during the pre-screen, you will be as surprised as I was when you show it to 8th graders at how much commotion elephant sex will cause in a classroom! (The E.S. was on the screen, not actually in the classroom, but the commotion was almost as loud as if it had been.)

  6. gg Says:

    Just remember that your great grandmother had a masters degree before 1920! Not bad for a rural North Wisconsin girl. (Much of the Wisconsin clan called her outspoken – but really knew her as a bitch!) Young kids feared being “Myrtlized” but older kids loved her.

    Your grandmothers were not slouches either.

    What did Myrtle say?

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