I came to an interesting realization about three minutes ago. It is slightly terrifying to my college student lifestyle.

I get up earlier…to increase my amount of knitting time. Seriously. Even on the weekends, I usually get up no later than 9:30. I do some very modest yoga, drink my tea/coffee, “get dressed” (whatever that means today, ranging from pajamas to yesterday’s pants to actually going through my drawers and trying to make sense of my life), and I knit.

Sometimes I still have reading to do for class at that point, although I always try to finish the night before in an attempt to avoid bad procrastination habits. Tuesday/Thursday I have an 8:30. (7:45…fifteen minutes to knit!!). On Monday/Friday I don’t have class until 1:15, leaving me with a decent chunk of time to do work for the next few days. On Wednesdays I work in the costume shop at 10. Knitting time is less important on those days, but I’m still usually up at 9!

Moom‘s jaw has left a dent on the floor, by the way. She’s staring at the screen, drooling, while Froggy hops around “grok!”ing and waving his arms in an attempt to get her to close her mouth before he loses flies to it. I am quite convinced that she never expected me to start getting up before noon when I can possibly, humanly avoid it.

Ahem.  Perhaps we ought not start discussing my bad habits…
Thank goodness for generous people. I foung a ride down Westenedge yesterday, for this:



This means that I can actually have a winter coat this year! 😉

I hope you’re exicted for me, because…uh…I haven’t owned a winter coat since middle school. This is because I have an overwhelmingly potent hatred for winter clothing in general. If you’re curious as to the last time I’ve owned a hat…

Actually, that’s the other amazing thing. I have yarn to make myself a hat!! I bought it last winter, and if I get a significant amount of gift knitting done soon I might actually be able to make it before the year is through. *crosses fingers*.

I’m not sure why it has suddenly become so important to me that I stay warm in the winter, but with any luck my actions will live up to my words. Even if we all know that this is about as likely to happen as I am likely to give away the yarn stash. (Hands OUT of the stash!! Amanda, that means YOU!) Whatever happens, I’ll post coat pictures when I am finished.

And speaking of “finished”…



Armed with lovely new socks and a fresh cup of tea, I am going to go brave my theatre history reading. Or maybe I’ll just go to bed for a month or two. Wake me up when the quarter is over…

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