I am a seething mass of bitter and angry hatred for Sprint. I have been receiving text messages from them since I got the phone, advertising their company. Rather pointlessly, as I’ve already got the phone. No?

I was not too bothered by the text messages, as I only received them every few months or so.

Well…in the last two days I have received no less than FOUR telephone calls from Sprint, calling to ask if I want to add another line to my plan…

The answer is no. The answer will always *be* no, unless I myself decide, because of of my own needs and *without* their help that it is necessary. In which case *I*, the using customer, will contact *them*.

The strange part though, is that I first looked up the area code to try and determine who was calling. 866 is the US/Canada toll free area code, so I searched for the whole number to see what would come up. Apparently, Sprint has a history of harrassing their current PAYING customers incessantly. What are they getting out of phone spamming me several times a day on my personal line?


It’s hard to be frustrated when you’re being looked at by this:


Seriously, she is even fifteen times more adorable “in person”. At the moment, she is covered by the shawl too. In case you had not caught on yet, I am a complete child…

Also, this is my calendar picture for October:


Have I mentioned that I love birds?

This is from a 2007 calendar of Inuit art, which I have re-numbered for 2006. This is clever for two reasons:

1) I got lazy and never bought a calendar last year.

2) I’ll be on study abroad next year at this time, meaning that I otherwise would have missed out on the birds! And also last month’s Arctic muskox. (Horrors, I can’t mix the muskox! Qiviut qiviut qiviut…)

And finally…knitting content!! Yaaay!

Tonight, I plan to finish two things.

First, I plan to finish the second Hedera sock.


I have five lace repeats left, then the toe.

Secondly, I plan to finish the image in the above “password protected” entry.

Next comes the object that I plan to finish this weekend/week.


Moom‘s shawl!! I am up to the edging, as I have been for the last five weeks. I’ll give you a hint…the fifth week of classes just ended.  I need to learn to knit in my sleep.
Sarcelle has grown considerably since first pictured, although I can’t claim enormouse amounts of progress.


Although you cannot see it in the picture, I have started the section with seven pattern repeats. In sixteen rows, I can stop increasing!

Chances are that instead of finishing both Hedera and the Mysterious Other Project, I’ll finish one or the other and then switch to Sarcelle! =D

Finally, we all know what time it is…


Gift Knitting Time!!

Apparently, everyone I know really likes blue. Either that, or I just really like knitting in blue. (Also note that the bag in the corner is old, mine, and not a gift. I did make it, though! It has been faithful for about three years now, and I am pretty abusive on bags.  I highly recommend felting and Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride if you want durability.)
I will be working with Schaeffer Anne, Fleece Artist, Koigu, Opal, something mysterious from, and Mission Falls. That is just to start! I’m doing some severe stash-diving (moral support and/or cookies welcome! Also let’s not look at my bank account, shall we?) and coming up with some lovely things that simply need lovely ideas to match.

Baby steps!!

Emily is rather pleased with the proceedings. She is a Yarn Duck, you know. I am coming up with useful outlets for stash yarn!! Not only that, but as you may have noticed we took a little outing this afternoon.

It is extremely difficult to take decent pictures in a dorm room. The colors don’t show up well, and everything is somehow always blurry regardless of how still I am when I take the picture.

So, I gathered up one of my project baskets (thanks Grandmoom!), my blue bag full of WIPs, Anabelle, and of course Emily. Yes, down the stairs we walked and out onto the quad. Right out into the middle of my college campus, past a tour full of prospies and their parents, and up to table. I was hoping that no one would be out there, but of course I ran into half the campus.

When in doubt, simply act like it is commonplace and expected to photograph wooden ducks surrounded by half the stash in various states of knitted completion!!

It’s okay, they think I’m weird enough already.

4 Responses to “PHONE SPAM!!”

  1. Lairi Says:

    While you’re knitting, you should listen to The Feeling. How could anyone NOT like The Feeling?!

  2. Amanda Says:

    I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and pretty knitting! i’ve been looking at the Simply Sock Yarn website and practically having a panic attack due to how much yarn i want… it’s sad.
    love you!

  3. Amanda Says:

    i have your present…hehehe… and am almost done with mit aloe vera sock #1 (for mommy. i have another pair to knit for her too, but i’ve gotta design the pattern for the cuff… cables that look like periwinkle flowers, anyone?)

    just thought i’d let you know

  4. Sneak Says:

    i think you can opt somewhere to not receive messages… if you go to your account online that might work.

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