Photo Post!


Meet Anabelle. Where did I find her? You’ll see. (I don’t feel like rearranging my pictures. =D )


This morning Moom came to Kalamazoo,


and took Lairi (blurry roommate, who today is “unblurry”) and I out to breakfast at The Crow’s Nest. (Be jealous, Sneak!)


I, being rather blurry myself, ate this:


While I looked at this:

Inspirational…colors…and textures…

Anabelle’s travel arrangements are revealed! She was in box of tea, in a rather suspicious teeny-tiny package, and arrived from Berkeley California yesterday afternoon. Is there anything more painfully adorable? I thought not. I love my Sneak!


Also note the teacup and saucer, arriving from Sault Ste. Marie. Grandmoom and The Sneak, you read my mind! =D This is exactly what I needed to supplement my tea-indulgent habits.


Grandmoom also sent me some of Grandribbly. I love you both! =D Grandribbly will go somewhere safe on my dresser/desk, depending on which I manage to keep more organized.

Speaking of organization…Daddy came to Kalamazoo last Saturday to take me to Bluegrass Breakfast and to build lofts!! Lairi’s side:


Middle ground (we have plans for this…)


My side:


Yes, I know, my side is covered in crap. I need my creative clutter/organized mess!! I have started to clean (a bit…) since I took these pictures, but not much.

To end, I am lying on the bed right now. While I was climbing up, I accidentally dropped a ring off the left end of the bed (I have to stand on my desk to get into the bed). It clattered to the floor and bounced around a bit, and where did it land? Directly in a little yarn basket on the floor under my desk. Convenient, no??

There is knitting progress as well, but that is going to wait. I have outpictured you already!

I feel very loved. Thanks, family, for all appearing at once! And for no apparent reason! In various forms, of course…

Anabelle and I must go read Sophocles. Go have a knit-ful evening!!

2 Responses to “Photo Post!”

  1. Valdemort Says:

    You don’t get a ladder thrown in with the lofting???

    Love the rooms! Wish I could make mine look as totally cool. : )

  2. Sneak Says:

    dad should get some credit for annabelle the bat and the tea… and you should mention what kind of tea it is!!! it’s from muir woods state (?) park… just north of san fran…

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