Still here.

Or, I think I am anyway. I have a final draft of a paper due Friday, and a 5-10 page paper due Tuesday. As you may be able to imagine, one little mouse around here is not very happy.

This week has not started off well. I’ve had a mild headache that started Sunday afternoon, and is still hanging around. It is mostly from lack of sleep, but it is also encouraged by the weather. Does the term “hypersensitive” mean something to you? It means a whole lot of things to me.  I am in a constant battle to balance all stimuli so that I remain in a state of mental and physical comfort, and therefore function as a somewhat normal human being.  Knitting helps.  So do sunglasses.
Yesterday was incredibly bright. The combination of light and excessive color with normal sound levels was too much for me to deal with in a functional manner. While battling with overwhelming external stimuli, it is often very difficult (or impossible) for me to process information with any relevance. Do you see where this is going?

In-class group work. That’s right. My least favorite thing combined with my least favorite state of being, also combined with the one person on this campus that I can’t stand. It would be tactless to go into any further detail on the subject.  I’ll just say that I was unable to contribute anything of value to the assignment (which was crap anyway, in case you were wondering), and it was not fun.  If I can’t put my thoughts in order, how am I supposed to work with other people?  I probably should have skipped class.
Today was somewhat better. It was much darker and slightly rainy, however I was very very tired. I was literally falling asleep in my second class, although I somehow managed to absorb most of the information that we discussed. And then to take an accidental nap over my reading.

Go figure? I’m going to go have nightmares about the papers I have to write, now.

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