Thanks for the pity…

My life-saving-taped-to-desk scheduling device *actually survived* the tea attack! It was my fatal mistake to think it was nearly foolproof. I guess that was my divine punishment for not accepting the option of its failure…However, tea is not nearly so sneaky as it appears. Do not be fooled, my ducks.

I was going to write about projects, situations, rules, the fact that stanislavski can go rot in a ditch for all I care, and all manner of other touchy subjects.  However, I realized that posting two sullen and irritable rants in a row may not be…palatable.

An overview of what I wanted to say is this:

I need to know the rules.  Need.  I have to have something to work off of.  There is nothing more frustrating to me than the feeling that I am missing something important.  This happens…oh…most of the time?  It is hard to be creative for someone else without knowing what they want.
Purple Mouse has come everywhere with me for days now.  I think people think I’m crazy.  It helps though, because I hold onto her when I can’t knit.  See?  I am such a child.  Also, I can’t sit still!

It is time to go to class, write a paper, and live in the design studio all weekend.

(I think I’m going to start scheduling in “posting time” on my desk chart. The one that is one day ahead of itself in the labeling, and none of you noticed…)

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  1. froogy Says:

    grok grok. If anybody bothers Purple Mouse, I will shlurp them to death. grok grok

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