1) I gave an unbelievably inarticulate presentation/play introduction yesterday.  Or at least, it was probably fairly inarticulate most of the time.  If the universally blank facial expressions and scribblings were any indicator, I should probably refrain from opening my mouth ever again.  However, there is a catch to that plan.  I take my time making up my mind, but once I do I am incredibly opinionated.  I have a lot to say in that class, and I suppose if none of it actually makes sense than I’m simply out of luck.  C’est la vie.

2) Based on the disappointing outcome of my attempts to be articulate, I am now officially sulking.  The intended explanation for the scattered letters on the floor of my self-portrait box, should anyone have asked, is that they are a word that has been dropped on the floor one too many times and exploded.  Poor abused letters.  S, E, N, S, and E.  Should I perhaps have used T, A, C, and T?  Or S, T, U, D, and Y?  S, L, E, E, and P?  Until I can prove my ability to put together and present an articulate *anything*, I’m sticking with sense.  Senseless

3) Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

4) Kniitttttttiiiiiinnnnggg.


(Note in the background…a yarn-holding basket, and the printer that betrayed me.  That’s right.  In fact, two printers blew up in my face while I innocently attempted to print notes for my inarticulate presentation.  Don’t talk to me.)


5) Why did no one tell me, before it happened, that spilling tea all over your only organizational system is a bad idea?


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  1. sheep Says:

    that sucks about the tea (actually, the same thing happened to me at work once. i was knitting this thing that had a lot of crazy pattern notes going on, so i just taped them to the table at work. then BAM with the coffee and it was the end of that idea.)

  2. froogy Says:


  3. Dog Momster Says:

    I’m trying to picture how yarn would hold a basket…

  4. Valdemort Says:

    Awww *big crazy cousin hugs*

    Everything will be alright!

    Also, I think you might appreciate this!!


  5. Pooh Says:

    Big Hugs also! :-)

    Re organizational tool. The fact that you wrote it down once reinforced it in your brain, so you can probably reconstruct it fairly easily. To avoid future problems you could either get the chart laminated and write on it w/ dry erase markers, or get a clear plastic cover to protect it from tea, etc. and lift the plastic up when writing on it.

    Hey it’s FREE advice and it’s worth every penny. Glad to see you’re knitting.

  6. Sneak Says:

    self portrait box?

    exploded words?

    have you heard of “knitta”? someone i met out here thinks you are very cool becuase you knit all the time and own a spinning wheel.

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