My one question is…

Why on earth do I have a yoga class in the *library*??

Enough said. And actually, my second question (it’s rhetorical, keep in mind), is “why on earth do I have to go to class?”

My feelings about class are somewhat boosted by this:


And somewhat (more) encouraged to be dismal by this:

I really don’t want to talk about it.

It is a gorgeous rainy day, and I have Theatre of Revolt at 1:15…so I am one of the messiest people on earth, right? Well HAH! I am so trying to cheat the system. I cannot for the life of me keep up with a planner, because I just can’t bring myself to use them EVER no matter what. It could be a life or death situation: “Use the planner or die!” and I would probably just groan and walk away.

So this time around, I have taped a sheet of notebook paper to my desk and made seven columns. I can’t lose it, because that would require something really really stupid like untaping it from the desk. It would have to be an intentional maneuver if I lost it! Now I can write directly on the desk when I have something I need to do, and when it’s full I’ll replace it.

I suppose the real danger actually lies in the replacing…

Also, I swear to you that I have been knitting. I promise pictures within the week. Most of my time here so far has been spent in sleeping too much, eating too much, and crazily slapping stuff up on the walls, even though we’re going to loft our beds and move absolutely everything.


I neatened the desk directly after this photo. Stupid, stupid. There is also an addition to the wall. The calender is actually for 2007 but I’m going to be in *insert unknown destination of Mouse’s study abroad here*, so I won’t be able to use it then. I simply re-numbered the days. Any knitter will appreciate (and understand the significance…) that the picture for this month is a muskox. I am sooo completely smitten. I love Inuit art.


This is the other part of “my room” that I have decorated. This has also changed a bit…but I’ll spare you as long as you notice what is in the background. What, did you think I’d just leave it at home to collect dust and/or m~th eggs? (Just to take a note from Elizabeth Zimmerman, who refused to ever write the dirty word but instead used other characters to make up the word. It is truly a fiber addict’s swear word, as I never quite understood before this summer.)

Oh, yeah…


Payback to the blurry roommate. Hahahaha!!!

Some of my computer keys are squeaky keys since they replaced the keypad. Hmm…

“Squeaky keys”…

5 Responses to “My one question is…”

  1. Dog Momster Says:

    “squeaky keys”? “mouse pad”? “Mouse”?

    Nev-ver mind…

  2. Sneak Says:

    your room looks nice. i miss kalamazoo! and you! and give elizagill, al, and tom BIG HUGS for me should you encounter said losers.

  3. Valdemort Says:

    Only $248???


  4. Pooh Says:

    I’m w/ Valdemort — ONLY $248?!?
    Dave had to spend twice that. That’s why he made that call while I was at The Flying Sheep with you.

    Dan usually gets by w/ a lot less at the book store, but then he spends way more on art supplies than books.

    “Invest in your education – it’s the only thing that can’t be taken back” I believe it was Ben Franklin who said some approximation of that.
    But save your bookstore receipts, because they can be taken back…

  5. Dog Momster Says:

    hey, yeah, really. Even on the quarter system, I think Val has had to spend more in one semester than Kzoo has dinged ya in one year…

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