We’ve been trying to back up my computer for a few days so that they can fix the lousy ethernet port, the lousy eject key, and the lousy latch. Lousy, lousy lousy. That means I have not managed to post…

I thought we were safe. There I was, thoroughly freezing the egg infested materials. Then I was thawing them. Then I was freezing them again. Die, die, die!! (*Maniacal laughter*)

In the first place, I have the feeling that they were old eggs and were not going to hatch.  They could have been useless.  Or, they could have been malignant, tumorous eggs filled with sneaky disgusting baby moth maggot things just waaaiting to devour my precious yarn stash.  Every…last…fiber…

Whatever they were, it no longer matters.  What matters is that there are moths in the house.  WOOL moths.  To be precise, we have webbing clothes moths, Tineola bisselliella (Hummel).  Whatever you want to call them, I have seen *five* in the last few days.  I have smashed four of those five.  Sneaky little winged maggots!

The thing is though…they are not coming from the spinning supplies!  They are also not coming from the stash, most of which is already in Kalamazoo with my lovely Liz (K)…

*shakes in terror*

Everything is tightly sealed in plastic bags.  I’m going to cry and smash moths until my wrists fall off.

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  1. froogy Says:

    Grok grok. Don’t tell anybody about this stuff. Grok grok. I don’t want th’ ol’ bag t’ call th’ exterminators! Grok grok. I like t’ have th’ cute li’l mousies ‘n’ mothies aroun’ here. Grok grok.

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