Okay. Yes, I’ve been holding out on you. Only for a night! I swear! We needed to get acquainted. How would you feel if you were blogged by a complete stranger?

My camera is out of batteries, so I can’t show you my first single (still on the wheel), the drum carder, or detail shots. Sorry! I’ll take care of it later…if I feel like it. =D

(Oh, and by the way Moom Froggy, if you give away one more post before I even begin it, I’m going to lock you in a closet, take away your Frog Jam (although I guess I’d also be putting you into a Frog Jam…) and block your IP address. =D )

I am in love. It is an Ashford Traditional, and belonged to the mother of the lady across the street. I was looking at wheels anyway, but this one was the right price (definitely, definitely, definitely the right price) at the right time.

I should have taken the full-sized loom, too…*

*Before anyone tries to tell me it’s good that I didn’t and why, I would like to let you know that I have thought it through myself, and that my reasons are better than any you can give me. Yes, I know how large a commitment a full-sized loom is, and that is exactly why I passed it up. The real reason, rather than the superficial reasons of space and money. Sorry, but if one more person tries to act like I don’t know anything about fiber arts because I’m not an old lady, I think I’m going to spin their hair *still attached* and then strangle them with it. Just walk away on this issue.

7 Responses to “So…uh…”

  1. froogy Says:

    grok grok! What was th’ name o’ that book? grok grok. Where th’ ol’ hags sat under th’ gee-o-teen collectin’ th’ rollin’ heads ‘n’ knittin’ th’ hair? grok grok. Scarlet Pimpernel? ‘s’at right? grok groik.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Hey Frooog! What’s red and green and goes around and around?

    A frog in a blender!!! hee hee hee

  3. froogy Says:

    grok grok. That’s NOT th’ answer t’ that ol’ thing! grok grok. It’s a reeeeely good drink! grok grok:

    * 2 shots Vodka
    * 2 shots blue Maui
    * 2 splashes Grenadine
    * 8 oz Orange juice
    * ‘n’ a li’l splash o’ laundry detergent

    grok hic grok grok hic frgok grook hic-grok splat

  4. mouse Says:

    kayak woman, control yourself and control your frog. hijacking my comments is not an option and definitely an excuse for making REAL frog jam.

  5. Dog Momster Says:

    Back on track…

    The wheel is absolutely gorgeous – the wood has a beautiful sheen to it, has an almost 3-D look to the graining…and the color is beautiful – appears from the photo to have been well cared for during its life.

    Good selection!!

  6. Pooh Says:

    Sorry to get on the hijack track, but I have to add two more frog jokes. It is a beautiful spinning wheel – looking forward to more pix!

    What’s white and green and white? No, not the Spartan Marching Band, Val!

    A: A frog sandwich.

    What’s brown and green and brown?

    A: A frog sandwich on toast!

  7. Dog Momster Says:

    to go further off track (and speaking of aliens), did you happen to see any iPod earbuds at the cabin? Val semms to’ve left hers *somewhere*, possibly there…

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