Pooh asked what the beach sock yarn was a while ago.  I forgot!!

It is Trekking XXL, color 155

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  1. pooh Says:


    Thanks for the sock info! I was at the yarn store yesterday, and they didn’t have that colorway. Actually I don’t even remember what brand sock yarn they had. I did buy silver buttons for the teal vest. I had picked up stitches around the armhole, but didn’t like the way they looked, so went to ask for advice. She recommended blocking it first. Hmm, just like the instructions…
    Guess I’ll do that tonight, and pin it on the cardboard sewing board to dry. You use the carpet, but I don’t think I could find that much free carpet in our house right now. Dave’s stuff is all over the living room and our bedroom area rugs, and the carpet upstairs is practically invisible!!! Besides the sewing board is out most of the time b/c I’m working on Dave’s quilt.

    Could you also send the source for the pattern? Is it in that sock book you showed me?

    Thanks again! –Pooh

  2. kayak woman Says:

    hahhahaha! Sheesh, she has me making socks and the pattern is:

    1) Mouse says: do this until this
    2) Mouse says: now do this
    3) Mouse says: oops, you made a mistake, it’s on the heel so I’ll pick it out for you.
    4) repeat the above once
    5) Mom does the heal over for the *second* time and *this* time, she shows Mouse her work *every* single dad-blasted row to make sure she hasn’t made a mistake. Again.
    6) Mouse says: do this until

    I’m not entirely sure what the next until is at this point.

    Howzzat for a pattern? Actually, maybe I’ll have to blahg it :-)

  3. Dog Momster Says:

    *head spins*
    *bends over to pick up head*

  4. pooh Says:

    Well, I am a slow enough knitter that I could probably do a long-distance “Mouse says do this until…” sock, but it seems convoluted, and would surely try Mouse’s patience! I did find a pencil holder with a zipper and clip end in Dave’s shambling mound, er bedroom, and thought it might be a solution for dpns that want to go swimming! LOL.

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