Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be Froggy?

Probably not. But here is an idea, for those whose curiosity is piqued.*Monday:

Frog hopped on down to the beach with Moom to work on its green.


“Don’t forget (grok) the little bit of purple around the edges (frok grook)!”

On this particular day, it turned its eyes upside down in order to green the undersides. You’ve got to get everything! Unfortunately, a storm rolled through shortly after and it got stuck on the porch.


It sat on Moom’s hat, stole her glasses, and wore her basket lid on its head. This may have been because of the scary thunder, but I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure…

Not the most eventful of days. It did have a portrait taken later that evening, but unfortunately I am not in possession of the piece. I believe that Moom has it scanned, however, and she’ll probably post it.


This was an eventful day!! First, Froggy decided to come to the lighthouse with us.


“I wonder how I can take this all over…grok groK!!”

After hopping up 72 stairs (in my arms), it claimed exhaustion but still wanted to see everything. Suspicious.


We proceeded to the boardwalk.


“What is the meaning of life??”

I don’t know, Frog, but somehow I don’t think it has anything to do with the anonymous sculpture you’re sitting on.


Looking at so much pretty scenery is tiring, so off we went to Kenny’s Pitchen.**


“Thank goodness they keep (grok frok) all those flies in their purses!!”

When we got back to the beach, we noticed a suspicious lack of “grok”ing. Uh oh…we searched and searched and searched, delving into the darkest depths of the swamp with our flashlights, when we finally found it visiting uncles Jim’s sign, and looking rather dejected.



I know, Frog. We miss him too. At least you can go visit that neat sign when you’re sad. It may not be the same, but think about it this way: any developers who go anywhere *near* that area are going to go through hell. Quite possibly in a handbasket (full of knitting needles =D ).

We finally managed to detach Frog from its station, (and it was NOT easy, with that sticky tongue!), and schlepped it back to the cabin. Where it finished greening with us for the rest of the afternoon.


Death. Departure.

There is nothing harder than leaving that place. Granddribbly: I love you and I expect to be seeing you in the mail one of these days, and Grandmoom: I love you. There is nothing more to be said on the subject. Anyway, the focus is supposed to be Frog.

I would like to ask how on earth a face can be so hilarious?


Don’t overlook the upsidedown elephant! =D

Frog rode that way the whole way home. It is strapped in carefully, protecting my mouse from the seatbelt. It had to turn one eye upward in order to see out the window. Trust me, it was funnier in person.

I am probably not making a whole lot of sense. Are you diverted?***

All I really have to say today is this:

I DON’T WANT TO BE HOME!!!!!!!!!! *throws a temper tantrum, screaming and crying and rolling and beating fists and kicking legs on the floor*

*Okay, so this is sort of a lame post. I have nothing better so say when my brain is fried (or even when it’s not). Also, you should have heard us dying over these pictures! Somehow the frog always manages to look ridiculous, no matter what you do to it!!

**Penny’s Kitchen

***Today is a No Edit Day

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