As I tumbled down the ladder-stairs (much later than I intended), I was in search of yesterday’s strawberry muffins*. They were sitting, as cheerfully as a plate of strawberry muffins can sit, lightly covered in plastic wrap and waiting to be devoured. I heated one slightly in the microwave, sliced it open, buttered it, and opened my–*POP!*


…ouch? I guess I have a kink in my jaw…let’s try this again.

…and opened my–*POP!* Hmmm…okay I’m going to take a bite anyway. *chew–POP!* *chew–POP!* *chew–POP!*. Ouch..ouch….ouch…


A picture of Friday’s blueberry muffins, because in my current lazy state I can’t seem to get up and find the camera. Tough cookies.

So what is going on? My jaw has never done that before, but if it keeps it up I’m going to be taking a trip to the spare body parts center, once I find out if such facilities exist.  And where.  And if they’ll take a trade.  I’m going to go off and sulk, and drink tea, and walk the beach.  But first, Grandmoom’s pineapple upside-down cake from Friday:


And spices that became a curry, also on Friday.


Can you sense a theme here?  Well, we had a LOT of food on friday.  Moom and Grandmoom made breakfast, Grandmoom made cake, I made muffins, Moom made chicken, and I made curry with chappatis.  In fact, we’ve had an extraordinary amount of food most days, and I personally am waddling around half the time clutching my belly and mentally mocking all the people I know who would be jealous.

There has been knitting, but nothing that it makes sense to show.  I started a sock, and decided that it was much too big for my foot.  I can’t finish the old because it is on suicidal needles.  I am finishing some things, but I am also too lazy to photograph those.  Also, showing finished projects is no fun without Emily the Yarn Duck.  D=

Oh well.  Pictures later,  and *yaaaaawn–POP!*…all I have to say about unexpected misbehaviour in the jaw-type area is…what the wool?
*Actually, they ended up being strawberry whole wheat muffins because of a rather unfortunate out-of-flour disaster, but that’s not really the mouse point. (“mouse”?? I don’t know, don’t ask me.  That’s got to be one of my weirder typos ever.  “point” to “mouse”…  Usually, I have only two unavoidable Freudian slips.  The first is “yard” to “yarn”, and the second is “heron” to “herron”.  Go figure.)

3 Responses to “*pop*–ouch…*pop!*–ouch……*POP!*”

  1. Kati Says:

    So, um, yeah. I hate you. Although I had some pretty fantastic banana-granola muffins last week, strawberry makes me extremely envious. Also, I am trying to find absolutely the best swings in the city for our date. Be prepared.

  2. Dog Momster Says:

    Good luck on the TMJ front, Mouse…those hurt when they pop!

  3. Valdemort Says:

    Welcome to my world, where my jaw’s been moved around so much that it does that pretty much most of the time! (Don’t worry, it’ll probably go away soon, or you’ll totally forget about it after a while!!!!)

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