With eight rows left to go on undisclosed project #1, I have to decide what to start next. This is somehow always a problem. In case you hadn’t noticed, I am terrible at making decisions.

So, I sent Emily into The Yarn Basket for an alternative option to the sock yarn from the last entry.


The Yarn Basket is Emily’s house, although she tends to spend most of her time on my desk where people can admire her. (Uh…let’s not talk about The Yarn Basket right now, okay? It makes me nervous.)

Back to the point. I’ve made kind of a lot of socks lately so she came back with this.

Three balls of Artfibers Hana Silk, color# 9. It is actually a little more purple than it looks here, although you get the idea from the little purple bits that are slightly more visible in the picture below.

One nice thing about Artfibers, (or at least this yarn, I’m too lazy to check the others right now and I can’t remember) is that the label tells you how many yards make one square foot of fabric at a particular gauge. Handy, or rather it would be if I knew the surface area of my torso.

At first I was thinking of making a lace scarf, but then I realized how many lace shawl pattens I have bookmarked on my computer. Never mind!

I have 662 yards, or nearly 4.8 square feet if I use the gauge on the label. That seems like approximately enough to cover my torso, with short sleeves.

The question is, unidentified silk project or socks? Any votes? I can’t promise I’ll wait for them though, as eight rows will not take very long on this project.

Emily would like to point out that I have a rather disgraceful collection of nearly finished projects and that she made a valiant effort by bringing them to me for consideration, but that I refused to listen to her good advice about finishing things and actually made a comment about “having no yarn”.

Before you laugh so hard you asphyxiate, read the Yarn Harlot‘s philosophies on knitting. In one of her books she has a detailed description of the “I have no yarn” phenomenon, why it occurs, and its effects. I sent her books home with Moom the other day, so I can’t tell you exactly where.

One thing that I am grateful for is having a small and pretty college campus. It is easy to get anywhere quickly, because the whole thing is about five minutes across. One thing I am *not* grateful for, however, is that fact that I have one of the four double rooms on campus that has only one window.

As of now I am doing the “I only have to live in a crap room with no air circulation or natural light for thirteen more days” dance.

Next year I am in the good dorm on the top floor. To me the top floor is good, as it will no longer sound like couches are having a dance party in the room above me. Or elephants. Of course, the fact remains that all the other corner rooms have three windows and we have two..but I’m not going to complain, especially as I am done with community bathrooms.

I would like to know who has a grudge against me though, as I’m probably the only person on this campus who really cares about the windows. And probably the only person who opens them at night in the winter. Yes. Why don’t you just ask about winter clothing. Go ahead, ask.

It is officially the weekend! I am going to go sit on the quad with a book, with the half-hearted hope of actually getting something accomplished for once. And as a final note..uhm…well..I think it’s time for me to go. Goodbye! *door closes*

2 Responses to “Indecisive”

  1. moom Says:

    1) I vote unidentified silk project. Even though I *love* all of my Mouse socks.

    2) Where is Yarn Harlot’s book? I coulda brought it up here to the Great White North. I think I understand about having no yarn.

    3) I wear warm clothes in the winter — outside — but I do open windows in the winter.

  2. Nikki Says:

    I like the title “Yarn Harlot”, it makes me smile :)
    don’t listen to emily about your unfinished projects, go ahead and start several more.

    so what about winter clothing? he he, I’m just teasing, I think I of all people know what you wear. oops sorry that may have been an inappropriate comment.

    miss you already Mouse!

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