Oh, how hard it is to be lazy!

Here I am, with a bunch of old projects that need finishing and absolutely nothing else that must be done.

Okay, I have some books too, but I can do both at once.  =D

I am reading Scribbling the Cat by Alexandra Fuller while finishing a sock and a felted laptop case.  I just now realized, as I went down into the photo section to insert the image, that I have failed to take a picture of this.  I also realized, half an instant later, that I am far too laaaazzy to care!  So instead, you get a finished project picture.


The beach socks, guarded by The Sneak’s elephant.  Emily the Yarn Duck opted to stay in Ann Arbor, so Tiger the elephant is standing in as a guest Yarn Duck Elephant.  =D  The first sock was done long ago, and the second has been lounging on the needles for quite some time.  I guess that I just needed some real beach to spur me on, because the whole cuff got finished in the short order of one day.  Soon they will make their way to the recipient, Web Momster/Dog Mom/Dog Momster.

The sock that I am now working on is…


Surprise!!  I just couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t rip out my Yarn Harlot sock.  I have this thing, where when I knit at concerts (etc…) I feel like I have knit part of the show into the piece. The Yarn Harlot is in this sock, as are some other good things. I just can’t rip it out.  I have fallen back in love with my simple fallback garter rib.  And the yarn.  So, in it stays!

Also, I just may have found a stash yarn (!!) that could be right for Pomatomus

Today we stopped in at


.We parked in


(Yes, I was with The Old Witch Moom.  Why do you ask??)

At this lovely location, I managed to restrain myself from buying *anything*!!  Moom was not so fortunate.  She fell into the trap that is yarn/fabric.

When I first bought the beach sock yarn, I had no idea where it would go or what sort of sock it would become.  Its destination eventually became clear to me, but we all still sort of wanted it.

Surprise!  Today there was one lonely ball still on the shelves!!  We couldn’t just leave it there, in amongst the other non-beachy yarns, so Moom rescued it.

When we got home, she made the lovely bracelet that is displayed on her site, from a kit bought in Royal Oak.  Tomorrow…she learns to make socks.

A mission for both of us, right?  ;D

4 Responses to “Oh, how hard it is to be lazy!”

  1. Dog Momster Says:

    Hey – your blog today just massively improved a day that has been otherwise crappy.


    (and the Beach Sox are gorgeous!)

  2. Pengie Says:

    I left that picture at the cabin I thought!

  3. Pooh Says:


    Please send me the label info on the “beach” sock yarn. I’m going to look for it here.

  4. Pooh Says:


    Please send me the label info on the “beach” sock yarn. I’m going to look for it here. “Here” meaning I’ll look for the yarn in STL,
    not that you need to put your response here.

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