Drained, or shall we say “waterlogged”?

I feel like a lace shawl in its pre-blocking soak. After working for 7.5 hours, Moom and I got in the car and drove up to “the great white north”, where we intend to reside in relative peace until the 23rd.
Er…some yarn investigations may take place during the so-called “radio static” time period between now and then…

But in order to distract you from the fact that I really, really cannot spend any more money on yarn until say…winter or even later, equally as important to yarn but I need to protect my stash from other sneaky knitters, more importantly, remember ma belle cousine Janet from the last entry?  *Waits while you scroll down*

She has been converted!!
Welcome to the blog world!  Now all we have to do is convince her to knit more…

Seriously though, I have to go to bed NOW.  Unless you want me to fall face-flat on the keyboard and type seventeen pages worth of the letter “v”?  Nah..pillow sounds more comfortable for my little nose.  O_o

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