A better knitter.

That is what I need to be. I need to practice a little more project monogomy, at least until I finish some things!!


Random insertion of tiger wearing frog cape. Image from Janet.  I love my family =D

Now, newer knitters (or let’s say knitters who have not yet found complete obsession), have a little advantage. They do things like this, making us swoon with joy:


Scarf for a special person, made by cousin Janet!!

But that is not all. Oh, no. That is not the crazy part! The crazy part is this:

Scarf from leftovers(!!) for The Penguin! 

They use their leftover yarn!!!

I know what you’re thinking. I know what we’re all thinking. We’re not going to tell her, because we want her to think that this is normal knitterly behaviour. She does not need to know that the rest of us stash it uncontrollably, and even though we know that it will probably sit there gethering dust for the rest of our lives, we cannot stand to part with it. You know, in case we actually manage to use up our stashes someday, which would also fulfill the obligatory “Yarn Diet” requirement.

She even thought to document the yarn label in detail, although I am far too lazy at the moment to process the image. Everyone leave comments and praise her for her lovely, lovely work!

It’s a slippery slope, ma belle cousine, a slippery slope indeed. Now come to grandmoom’s so I can start you on some socks! ;D

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