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If you have a website, you can make your own here. It growls =D grows from the center, and I re-did it about three times, just for fun! The pattern actually varies slightly each time, although the overall numbers and general structures remain the same.

Today I don’t really have anything that seems important enough to post about. I ran some errands, all of which failed in general. I made some plans, which really really failed for about the fifth time. What else can I tell you…let’s see…I made some tea?

I am sure that you see my point by now. I didn’t even manage to knit anything more than a few rows on a sock, embarrassingly enough!! Talk about pathetic!!!

I know what I can use as a distraction. This!! Moom posted about it the other day. I only had trouble with it in two spots, where I tried to do the right thing but placed the pieces very slightly in the wrong spot. So so so SO frustrating!! Anyway, go play. Have fun.

It is 12:17 AM. It is definitely time to take my bad mood self away from public forms of communication, and to remedy my knitting failure with more sock, a book, and some tea. Even though I should be in bed. To all you smart people who are sleeping, goodnight!!

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